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Generators Unlimited, for 21 years, has been renting generator power and specialty equipment for all events such as corporate, weddings, camping, emergency and disaster relief, sporting, live concerts, broadcast and celebrations in Northern California. Randall Venerable, CEO/president said “We take pride in powering and lighting the venue to make events live. For the past 10 years we have offered green power solutions for events large and small. We are always looking for cutting edge technology that is green. I believe strongly that the environment sets the stage for events to happen successfully. Power is essential.” I asked Randall to talk more about being a green power solution. He replied, “We are proud to provide modern, clean, and silent generators that will run on biodiesel fuel, a blend of bio and regular diesel. It’s a cleaner burning alternative fuel for the environment. And, we offer the quiet, bright and newest zero emission light generator Luxfer-GTM Zero Set Hydrogen Lite Tower. It is an economical innovation to address a wide range of lighting applications for events and entertainment, including roadside construction, military and disaster response operations. Helping the planet earth breathe easier matters while making your event epic.”
We spoke about why he has chosen to locate his business in Brisbane on Industrial Way. He replied this, “Brisbane has easy access to the South Bay, East Bay and San Francisco, My staff and I can easily provide the right solution to our clients in a timely manner. And, Brisbane is a beautiful and relaxing place to locate a business. My employees and I enjoy sunny weather, plenty of parking for our employees and clients, plus the city is business oriented.”
While touring their warehouse and seeing generators, climate control units and light towers that Generators Unlimited offers clients and event planners, I asked Randall if Generators Unlimited helps event planners, both professional and individuals to select the right equipment for the event. Randall said “Yes, we offer personalized 24/7 365 customer service and providing clients with knowledge and support. Our team is passionate that your dream event, whether you are camping or planning that all-important birthday or wedding celebration, is lit and epic. We are available to support your event even after business hours. We want your event to be magical and welcoming. That’s why we have been selected to provide power for television broadcasting for the Golden State Warriors Basketball, San Francisco Giants Baseball, San Francisco 49ers Football, Oakland Raiders Football, San Jose Sharks Hockey and San Jose Soccer Team. We know the value of ensuring that power is consistent, which makes the event the best it can be.”
I asked him to speak about lighting up Brisbane and San Francisco. He replied, “Well, here in Brisbane you saw us at the Star City Festival, Community Festival, and of course the Festival of Lights. In San Francisco, we have lit San Francisco City Hall, the Christmas Tree at Pier 39 and Union Square, provided power for KTVU Channel 2 and KTSF Channel 26 broadcast for the Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade celebration; various events and floats at the Gay Pride Parade; and on July 4th for American ‘Brexit’ in 1776.” Continuing, we spoke about Generators Unlimited providing equipment for political gatherings, corporate announcements, and concert performances that include both Shoreline and Concord Amphitheaters, Fillmore, Warfield, American Concert Hall and AT&T Park as well as at amateur and recreational sporting, drama, and speaking events for high schools, colleges and universities.” He added, “we provide optimal equipment so that venues are enjoyable to be in while creating the space for speakers and singers to be heard and understood at conventions, museums, centers, arenas, music clubs and performance venues throughout Northern California.”
He, then, asked me a question. “Do you enjoy a good bottle of wine?” I said “yes!” He went on, “well, we have provided clean, quiet power for intimate garden parties, weddings, live music and theatre events wine & food pairings, wine maker dinners, blending seminars, wine education activities, just to name a few “
Randall said, “When you hire us, you know you won’t lose power.” Speaking of losing power we then spoke of the unexpected loss of power and emergency disasters. He said, “when electrical power is needed at your business or home, Generators Unlimited will be there with the right size generator to get the lights back on for homes, small business and corporate. Lifesaving emergency power is available 24/7/365 when necessary. We are proud to be the premier provider of power in the Bay Area and here in Brisbane. It’s what we do. It’s Magical to Have the Lights On.”
Stay in touch by visiting Generators Unlimited on the web, on Facebook and/or calling (415) 468-2868. Their office is located at 285 Industrial Way, Brisbane, California, CA 94005. Stop and say hi.

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