Thank you, Brisbane! – Mayor Lori Liu

By: Mayor LORI LIU, City of Brisbane,

As summer draws to a close, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Brisbane community for allowing me to serve as Mayor this past year and as a Councilmember over the last four years. After much consideration and discussions with my family, I’ve decided not to run for re-election in order to focus on my young family at this important time in their lives, and to return to my legal career. Brisbane is a truly special place where neighbors take care of one another, speak up on local issues, and shape the fabric of our community. This passion and feeling of connectedness is what drew me to public service. And it is what keeps us all involved in striving to keep our town special and make it an even better place to live.
Over the past four years, our City has accomplished many great things. Brisbane has always been a leader in environmental sustainability, and in 2015, we became the first city in the state of California to receive a Gold Level Beacon Award for its comprehensive approach to addressing climate change and measurable reductions in energy and greenhouse gas emissions.
Brisbane is also a huge supporter of the arts, and in 2014, the City Council passed a Public Arts Ordinance, which promotes the visual arts by requiring the inclusion of a public artwork component in certain new public and private development projects in Brisbane. Through the Public Arts Ordinance, the City has committed to ensuring that public art is an integral component of our community. Also, the City Council approved of construction of a new Brisbane Library, slated to start construction in 2018. I’m excited for us to have this new community space, and for it to include a public art component thanks to the Public Arts Ordinance. The new library will be appreciated by generations to come.
In response to the City’s Housing Element obligations, the City Council took a proactive approach to city planning by working to adopt our city’s first ever precise plan, at Parkside at Brisbane Village. This community-driven plan will provide zoning regulations for approximately 230 residential units as well as mixed use development.
As Mayor and a Councilmember, I’ve had the pleasure of working with our dedicated and experienced city staff, as well as with passionate residents and community volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make a difference in our town. Above all, what I’ve learned on the Council is the importance of listening, being open-minded, and thinking critically on complex issues. Some of my most memorable times on the Council have been stepping up on tough decisions when there was no right answer and multiple points of view. I know that I had each one of your ideas and opinions in my mind when weighing these difficult decisions.
As we look forward to the future, the City Council will undoubtedly be tasked with the difficult challenge of balancing the impacts of regional growth while preserving our unique small-town atmosphere. My advice to the future Council would be to think both locally, regionally and globally, refrain from being ideological and polarizing, and think pragmatically about how we can work together to reach solutions that underscore our collective commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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