6 Candidates for 3 Council Seats in Brisbane California

Six Brisbane citizens W. Clarke Conway, Incumbent; Karen Cunningham, Small Business Owner; Dana Dillworth, Educator; Cliff Lentz, Incumbent; Jameel Munir, Planning Commissioner; and Tony Verreos, Insurance Broker/Agent have qualified to be on the upcoming November 7, 2017 ballot to fill three Council seats on the Brisbane City Council. In preparing to vote for candidates.please take a moment to read their statements listed alphabetically below. Every vote counts.

W. Clarke ConwayW. Clarke Conway
Occupation: Incumbent
I was born and raised in Brisbane. Both of my parents were actively involved in our community — my father was elected to the original city council in 1961 when Brisbane became a city, my mother fought against the garbage burner and helped dozens of kids participate in sporting events. My wife Liz and I are raising our two youngest granddaughters who attend Brisbane schools.
I served on the council from 1993-2001, retired for four years and served again from 2005 to present. My goals included providing excellent recreation opportunities for our citizens, including a swimming pool, and preserving our Open Space. We have a good recreation program despite budget challenges and there is always room for improvement. The city’s Open Space Program has permanently protected more than 50 acres of precious open space.
We are now winding up the process on the Baylands. This is the most important project we will see in Brisbane ever. The Baylands are highly contaminated with dangerous toxics that are being proposed to be left in place. Currently, housing on the Baylands is not allowed by our General Plan that was approved by the voters. Nevertheless, the corporate land owner submitted a plan that included over 4400 residential units, more than two times our current housing units. Now state-wide and regional interests are threatening to take away our local land use authority if we don’t approve the massive housing and commercial project. This is where strong and experienced leadership really counts. I pledge to do everything in my power to fight for our local right to self-determination.
As a baseline this development has to be sustainable, produce renewable energy, restore wetlands, recycle water, maintain Icehouse Hill as open space and accommodate the expansion of Recology. Throughout my time in office, I have insisted that citizens be able to vote on major development projects, and I support your right to vote on any final Baylands plan.
Our budget is currently balanced. To keep it that way this ballot has a business license tax for Recology and Soils Processing. I support both. The soils processing business will go away in the near future as it is a temporary business and under a temporary use permit.
You have three votes on November 7th. I ask for one of them.

Karen Cunningham
Occupation: Small Business Owner
Website: https://www.smore.com/4cb5e
Safety, Vision, Environmentalism
I am running for Brisbane City Council as I want to further contribute to Brisbane in a more meaningful way. I feel truly privileged to have been able to serve my Community since moving here in 1994. I have worked in various capacities, from volunteering to serving as a Planning Commissioner from 2010-2015 and again in 2017.
I am looking forward to initiating public improvements throughout Brisbane and would welcome becoming a part of the positive decision making process that serves our future generations. I would like to improve our financial, educational and recreational opportunities as well as see all changes in Brisbane decided by the residents of Brisbane only.
Affordable Housing. If elected, I would like to set up an “affordable housing working group” from within the community, to include Property Owners, Renters, Builders and City Government. We need to reframe our thoughts on how to create affordable housing.
Brisbane Baylands. If there were a vote today, I would vote no for housing; for one reason. I do not believe it is safe. My criteria for “safe” is “would I live there or allow my child to live there?” If elected I would push for the highest standard of remediation possible. People need to understand the dangers. That being said, we are going to face some pretty tough and ugly choices regarding the Baylands. We now have enormous pressure from our state and local leaders to allow some housing on the Baylands. Can we clean it up to make that even a possibility?
Connecting Old Brisbane to the Ridge. I envision us connecting the Ridge and Old Town Brisbane. It is long overdue; we really need both parts of our City fully integrated.
The Arts. It is very important to expand our City’s support for the Arts by partnering with community artists and creating a strong Artistic Identity.
Environmentalism. As Brisbane prides itself in being ahead of the environmental curve, I would like to take us even further by introducing ideas and programs that are not only achievable in our building practices and protection of San Bruno Mountain, but to further educate us all on the benefits of cleaner energy, leveraging technology as it becomes available and lessening our pollution footprint in its’ entirety. This includes ideas like driverless electric multi person shuttles etc. which would serve our entire community.

Dana Dillworth
Occupation: High School Instructor
I am running for city council because Brisbane is a jewel. I am going to tell you about myself because I am asking for your vote.
My husband and I purchased a modest home here in 1988. My employer located here, in Crocker Park. We have a son who is now grown.
Here is what I have done in the last thirty years:
In 1991, in association with Mountain Watch, I researched the endangerment orders on Baylands properties and helped create the legal argument for better protection. The City of Brisbane was required to create an updated General Plan to respond to health and safety issues.
I petitioned the state Department of Toxic Substances Control to create the Brisbane Baylands Community Advisory Group which reviews and comments on testing, plans and regulation of multiple toxic sites impacting San Francisco, Daly City, and Brisbane.
I reviewed nearly every page and attachment of the Draft EIR for the Baylands project as a member of the Citizen’s Committee.
Volunteered teaching art at BES when the school district defunded the arts.
What I propose to do is:
Carry out the citizen’s recommendation, which is the Planning Commission’s recommendation for the Baylands. (No housing, Net Zero energy, limited periods for exposure to toxics.)
Get our General Plan updated.
Develop more opportunities for seniors.
Increase our grant-writing to get projects moving.
Tend to other matters like our streets and irregular sidewalks.
Our town needs to regain balance. I will work fully in the Public’s interest. A vote for me is a vote for Brisbane.

Cliff Lentz
Occupation: Incumbent
I feel blessed to have lived in Brisbane for the past 28 years. I’ve had the opportunity to create a small business, give back to our community, and raise a family with my wife, Karen.
I am running for re-election to the Brisbane City Council because I love public service. It gives me great satisfaction to work with our community to bring the programs and services that make our city healthy, prosperous, and a joy to live in.
As a current Councilmember, I strive to engage and listen to our citizens, and then put forth ideas that make our town better. Some of these ideas have led to:
Building the pocket park behind the current library;
Moving forward with building a new library, but within a more manageable footprint;
Receiving a $850K grant to rebuild the Crocker Park Trail to make it accessible for everyone;
Promoting Priority Based Budgeting, to make the City Budget more accountable;
Initiating the Parkside Precise Plan to help bring affordable housing to Brisbane.
What makes Brisbane a great place to live is us – the people. Like you, I value our open space, the way we care for each other when we need help, our fiery independence. I’ve supported funding for open space and habitat restoration. I’m a proud member of the Brisbane Lions and Brisbane Eagles. I strongly believe in local control when it comes to development in our City.
Over the next several months, the Council will be working with our citizens to create a vision for the Baylands. I would be honored to continue my work helping our community to promote a Baylands development that:
Uses the highest remediation standards to make the site safe;
Creates a proper public transportation infrastructure to reduce traffic impacts;
Incorporates significant open space throughout the development;
Ensures that the City will not be financially at risk;
Makes the Baylands energy self-sufficient;
Promotes the values of our community.
The Baylands is part of OUR City. Thus, we should be the ones who decide its outcome – not San Francisco, not the State. I am confident that our community will come together and put forth a vision for the Baylands that will make future generations proud of what WE will accomplish together.
I would be honored to have your vote.

Jameel Munir
Occupation: Planning Commissioner
In 1997, I moved to the City of Brisbane. I love the serenity and beautiful small town atmosphere of this city and I would like to preserve the tranquility of the city’s mountains and rich habitat.
I have been married to my wife, Hanifa Munir, for 34 years. My wife and I are so proud of our two children who have attended college.
I have a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, which will serve me well in a position on the city council. In addition, I have over 40 years of service in both the government and private sectors. I have worked with federal, state, and local agencies in developing and enforcing safety regulations for railroad crossings, light rail and heavy rail (BART, Los Angeles Metro) systems. I have served on various state and federal safety rule making and transportation committees. I also hold general building contractor and engineering licenses.
I have served the community as a member of the Brisbane Planning Commission for 19 years, acting as chairman for nine years. In my capacity as a commissioner, I have dealt with many complex land use issues and have heard many of the concerns expressed by the members of the Brisbane Community. As a member of the City Council, I will work with the community to promote these goals:
Reduce airplane noise
Revitalize downtown
Expand the Park & Rec after-school program; continue high school bus service for families.
Protect Brisbane from excessive or hazardous development; promote retail development, affordable housing; and senior housing.
Reduce traffic impacts
Build a utility scale renewable energy farm
Lower greenhouse gases
Fund much needed capital improvements and unfunded liabilities
Improve health and safety
My background in engineering, planning and addressing environmental issues will be helpful in making the city run more efficiently so that the city works for the people and not the other way around. I will endeavor to negotiate a development agreement for the Baylands that will benefit Brisbane, and I will respect our environmental values while also encouraging businesses to move into our city.
I respectfully ask for your support and vote on Election Day so that I may continue to serve the community of Brisbane.

Tony Verreos
Occupation: Insurance Broker
Why me? Brisbane is no secret anymore. Those who want a piece of it, don’t all value what we love about it. Some see big dollar signs in buildable land. I want to protect our great quality of life. Being located between larger cities means their choices become our burdens: their growth, traffic and crime. Most of us don’t want to come home to those problems.
The Baylands challenge is not about resisting change, it’s about making wiser choices which UPC’s Baylands Development Proposal is not. Whether we choose the Planning Commission recommendation, or something else similar, the UPC vision is simply billions in profits making Brisbane part of the sprawl. Vote Verreos for a defender of the environment, San Bruno Mountain, S.F. Bay, and fiscal responsibility. My ethical compass points to doing what is right – not right to the bank.
Who am I? I grew up in the shadow of San Bruno Mountain. Graduated Woodrow Wilson HS. Attended Miami University of Ohio, USF, and graduated from Golden Gate University with a Bachelor of Science in Insurance. Learning never stops. In Brisbane since 1980. A Brisbane Lion since 1982, Secretary twice, and President in 1989. Proudly supported Lions decision to buy and plant the Christmas tree at our Community Park, challenged our Lions to increase our Scholars grants, requested Lions donate $10,000 to BEST/PTO each year for the Spring Thing, and requested Lions donate $50,000 to the Lions Eye Foundation in memory of Lion Richard Turner
Brisbane Chamber of Commerce member, 10 year Landscape volunteer at Viewpoint At The Ridge, Concerned Citizens of Brisbane petitioner, STOP Jet Noise NOW! Proponent, MOB enthusiast, San Francisco Trains (steam loco) Board member, Brisbane Bayshore Roundhouse Museum imagineer, 2014 founded the Little Hollywood Improvement Committee and successfully negotiated concessions from Recology SF on environmental impacts from their operations. 2015 joined the new Bayview Hunters Point Environmental Justice Response Task Force working to address violations in neighborhoods. Having established professional relationships there with Federal, State, and Local regulators – which will serve Brisbane well as we deal with Baylands remediation. No other candidate running has this level of experience and contacts. 2017 helped to successfully overturn Brisbane City Council Term Extensions.
Vote Verreos – I will hear you, and fight for you. Negotiating fair, smart, and tough.

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