eyeQ – Enjoy The Moment While Capturing It!

Brisbane inventor, Art Shulenberger, an optical and mechanical engineer and visionary Mary Parle Shulenberger, CEO of Pi (Parle Innovation) have just launched their latest invention, eyeQ, the world’s first immersive smart binocular camera on Kickstarter.com a crowdfunding platform.
As longtime Brisbane Chamber members, I learned that when they started Parle Innovation, Pi, the company’s name is a combination of Mary’s other business name, Parle Enterprises, a promotional advertising company and Art’s engineering consulting business, Innovation-Engineering. Pi has an experienced team that come from diverse backgrounds including, Soft Bank, Google, Apple, Samsung and the National Hockey League.
Mary opened the interview saying, “We wanted to address the problem we all share of having to choose between being in the moment or capturing it. We all miss special moments when we take videos and photos of an event with our smartphones held out at arm’s length. We miss what we came to see. We believe if a moment is worth capturing, it’s worth experiencing it in real time.”
I asked how they came up with the idea of combining the smartphone with their app into a binocular camera device that’s simple to use and lightweight where all the pieces work together.
Mary replied, “We were inspired by the “electro-binoculars” prop that was used in the original Star Wars movie scene when Luke Skywalker was scouting for Sand People in the distance. We imagined how cool it would be to zoom in and record and even share what we were seeing and how it could change the way we view and capture live events”
Continuing, Mary said, “So we invented the world’s first immersive, smart binocular camera that leverages smartphone technology. The advanced optical features of the eyeQ can make you feel like you’re sitting in the front row, even if you’re stuck in the bleachers. The eyeQ isn’t just a better way to record and stream; it’s a completely new way of seeing the world.”
I asked if it is easy to use, and she replied, “We designed the eyeQ with simplicity in mind for people to use during spectator events such as concerts, air shows, vacation destinations and amateur and professional sporting events. You simply slip your smartphone into the eyeQ and you’re ready to go.”
I asked the question “Isn’t your new product like the other headsets and goggles that are already on the market? Why are you saying that it is revolutionary, new? Mary replied, “Oh you are referring to the virtual reality (VR) goggles and headsets that use 3D stereoscopic optics designed for indoor, safe environments and do not capture or share live events. Our team is focused on enhancing the viewing, capturing, and sharing experience for spectators and fans at live events.” I asked how the product is positioned for the future with virtual reality (VR) both 360 degree and computer generated reality, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) that tech companies are developing and refining. Mary replied, “eyeQ is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the AR/MR/VR reality trends as it adapts to the growing consumer markets. It is the first product to combine zoom in binocular style immersive AR/MR immersive viewing while capturing and sharing of experiences at all events; conferences and live action events.”
Mary continued, “The innovative eyeQ viewer is the first of its kind to leverage smartphone technology, combined with latest advances of AR, MR apps seen thru an immersive viewing device with a custom integrated touchpad at your fingertips for controlling the smartphone camera functions.”
Art, interjected saying let me show you the app’s we developed and use. He had me take out my iPhone, download the App “eyeQ Live’ easily found in the Apple App store. He demonstrated the ease of zooming, viewing, recording and sharing the event with others. We then spoke about the integration of binocular with the photo software. He said, “The eyeQ’s touchpad allows you to control your smartphone easily without the need to constantly remove the smartphone from the eyeQ to change settings or toggle through other apps on the iPhone.” He explained that once the iPhone has been placed in the eyeQ’s smartphone holder, the eyeQ wirelessly connects the smartphone via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connects seamlessly when my iPhone when I placed it in the viewer. Mary added, “We worked hard to create a product where we could enable live streaming, video recording that allows the user to see everything in stunning HD. The eyeQ app enables up to 16x zoom capabilities. Art said, “don’t forget to let your readers know that eyeQ has a universal mount to support iPhone 6 on up including Plus series and the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Affordable, fun to use and doesn’t mess up your hair!
I asked how I could purchase this new product. Mary replied, “beginning 10/17/17 you can sign up on Kickstarter.com search for “eyeQ Immersive Smart Binoculars” and make a pledge to pre-order an eyeQ for up to 50% of the retail price when it comes to market in May, 2018”
For more information: contact Mary Shulenberger, Co-founder and CEO cell (415) 518-1231; skype: maryshulenberger; email: mary@parleinnovation.com; vimeo.com/236491138; and http://www.bionicbuzz.com/tech/eyeq-inspired-by-star-wars-tech-at-ces

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