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Loans by Jasama Patel

Educate, Guide, Support

BY: ALISON WILSON, Brisbane Chamber Editor/Marketing Director

Jasama Patel is a Brisbane businesswoman, who has a deep understanding of the financial world. She is the owner of multiple 7-Eleven stores. Being a successful franchise owner has allowed her to serve on the board for the 7-Eleven Franchise Owners Association. She is active in Brisbane, serving on the board of the Friends of the Brisbane Library. She is the founder of Loans with Jasama, working with Silicon Valley Capital Funding for nearly three years. During our interview, I learned that she is focused on educating, guiding and supporting clients through the mortgage planning process.

I asked her why she, her husband Paresh and family moved to Brisbane. She replied, “When living in San Francisco, we received a postcard in the mail that caught my attention with beautiful images of the bay and San Bruno Mountain.” Jasama said, “We did our homework. When we began looking at houses in Brisbane, I felt energized. I wanted us to live in Brisbane, on San Bruno Mountain. I was home. I love Brisbane. Our community is our family. We have a good school district. My two children Jayden and Rohin both attend schools in the Brisbane School District.
Jasama’s core value is to make home financing clear and understandable with the goal of clients’ making well-informed decisions. She said, “It is my goal to help make the loan process as seamless and as stress-free as possible. This is my passion. I want to educate people, so they feel confident and comfortable enough to be able to select the right loan for their situation and not rely solely on the mortgage loan officer to make the decisions for them.

“Not every loan product works for every client. It’s important to fully understand each client’s needs beyond plugging numbers into a form which often assumes that everyone fits into cookie-cutter scenarios. Each client has a unique situation. I know that on paper two clients may seem similar, yet there are subtle differences. I focus on the details that need to be examined so I can truly present my clients with options that work today and continue working for them in the future. The worst thing a mortgage loan officer can do is present options that a client may technically qualify for now, but may not be best for their life situation and down the road may end up causing a financial hardship.”

I asked her if she was focused on both residential or commercial loans. Jasama replied, “Both. I am knowledgeable and have expertise in providing mortgage planning services for residential and commercial mortgages. I work with clients across California to provide affordable and creative loans that offer financial benefits.” A client who lives in the East Bay commented, “Jasama was amazing through the process of acquiring our loan. We had two weeks to close a jumbo loan and she took on the challenge without hesitation. She is efficient, responsive and smart. Jasama will explain you all your options in a clear, logical manner. She will go above and beyond to get the documents needed. I would highly recommend Jasama.” A Brisbane client said, “Jasama is knowledgeable, approachable and diligent! Jasama helped us refinance early this year. She walked us all the way from checking rates with lots of lenders to assisting with final signatures, and she ended up getting us a great rate and overall loan conditions.”

At the end of the interview, Jasama said, “Make sure people know that I am available to answer questions 24×7. I can be reached at or 650-438-2133. Together we can find answers to your questions and find the financial solutions you are looking for. That knowledge can benefit them whether they use my services or not.” Call or email and say hi to Jasama!

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