Brisbane City Council Approves Senior Housing and Approves Parkside Plan

BY: Mayor LORI LIU, City of Brisbane,

Senior Housing Approved
On October 12th, the Brisbane City Council affirmed the Planning Commission’s approval of a new senior housing development on the first block of San Bruno Avenue, just up the street from Brisbane Hardware. Approval of that project will allow for development of an art deco inspired, 3-story building including sixteen (16), one-bedroom apartments on the second and third floors with small commercial/display spaces on the ground floor. All of the units will be age –restricted for seniors 55 years of age or older. Three of the units will also be designated for low to very low income tenants. This project will allow for seniors to be live close-in to City services and retail within the downtown core, including the Brisbane Senior Center.

Parkside Plan Adopted
On October 30th, the City Council adopted the Parkside at Brisbane Village Precise Plan at a special meeting. Adoption of this plan was the culmination of an exhaustive public planning program for the city to proactively define its vision for the future of the Parkside plan area. Initiated in mid-2015, nearly 300 residents engaged in this process by attending workshops or meetings, participating in surveys, or offering comments via social media. Thank you to all community members who participated in the two year planning process, offering innovative ideas to shape the future of the Parkside area.
The Parkside Plan encompasses approximately 25 acres at the entrance to Brisbane at Bayshore Boulevard and Old County Road including Brisbane Village Shopping Center, Community Park and portions of Crocker Industrial Park. The plan allows for much-needed housing (approximately 230 units) on six properties within Crocker Industrial Park, along Park Lane and Park Place. The plan identifies development standards and design guidelines to ensure that the form and scale of any new residential development fits within the community fabric of Brisbane. The Parkside Plan’s policies and design guidelines will apply to future private development applications within the Parkside Area; no specific applications are under consideration at this time. The Plan also provides ideas on how Brisbane Village Shopping Center might be reconceptualized in the future.
I’m delighted to see these two projects come to fruition and provide much-needed housing opportunities within our city in a way that enhances the character of our town.

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