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BY: ALISON WILSON, Brisbane Chamber Editor/Marketing Director

Managing Travel
BY: ALISON WILSON, Brisbane Chamber Editor/Marketing Director
Offering top notch customer service, 24/7 availability, knowledge and most importantly long-standing relationships with the airline industry, Phil Marks has been serving corporate America, small businesses, families and individuals of all income levels since 1974. I learned he is the second generation of the Marks family in the travel field. Phil commented, “I grew up learning all aspects of the travel business. I grew up watching and experiencing the challenges, changes, cancellations and joys of travel. As an adult, I chose this business because I like listening, crafting a doable travel experience for both business and pleasure and meeting expectations. I provide value and save people time.”
With Phil’s vast experience, he has the experience and knowledge to make travel arrangements, destinations, and accommodations seamless. I learned that travel is not simply about price, it’s about providing options and choices to each client that includes ticketing, travel documents, cancellation policies, insurance, accommodation, tours, admission, and concerts. In short,
moving people from one place to another. It’s about providing value.
Phil opened the interview “Planning a trip, by land, sea or air is time consuming and can be simple or complicated. As a travel agent, I save people time, aggravation and money. People call me not only to book their travel, but also call me to consult on what to see, do and the best process to get to their destination. I take pride in smoothing the adventure of travel when booking air flights, cruises, bus tours, limo tours, rental cars, hotels, resort stays, event packages, and admission to the must see and vacation highlights.
Travel Too clients include struggling and successful musicians, actors in Hollywood and on Broadway, businesses and families around the world. Phil said, “I enjoy crafting an enjoyable travel experience while making sure that tight and unexpected trips occur seamlessly.” Continuing he said, “I have experience in arranging noth leisure and business journeys to North America, Asia, Africa and Europe.”
I asked Phil what sets him apart from other travel agents. He replied, “I have a long-standing relationship with the airlines, bus and limousines services, resorts and cruise lines. My clients reside all over the world, especially San Francisco and the bay area. I enjoy working in a tight time frame, on a tight budget making sure each client has the best possible solution to their individual travel needs.”
Continuing, Phil spoke on the time he spends researching various travel options, weather conditions, required documents, insurance and safety issues so that he can make the client aware of conditions and opportunities when traveling.
“My clients call me when they miss their cruise, flight, or scheduled transportation is cancelled. Business, musicians and personal travelers often must reach their destination within a set timeframe. I offer advice, solutions and get people where they need to be at the time they need to be, even with cancellations and unexpected events. For example, last winter a client on a music tour had to be in Canada for a scheduled concert or he would be penalized thousands of dollars. Because of the white out conditions in Europe, all planes were grounded. He couldn’t miss the concert, or the concert would have had to be cancelled. I arranged ground transportation across Europe and air travel to Canada. He arrived on-time, rested and went on stage. Attendees were none the wiser. Another client called because he was stuck in Jakarta, Indonesia. We consulted, and he made it home safely, on-time!”
We spoke about why he relocated from San Francisco to Brisbane. He stated, “Brisbane is a gem in the world. The people are friendly. We have a beautiful industrial park with businesses that range from Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietors. The weather is beautiful. My friends live here. Brisbane is beautiful. I love the mountain, the weather, the pace. It’s a good place to have a business.”
Ending the interview, Phil said “It’s not just price that matters when selecting the best travel arrangements, it’s about affordability. It’s about value. It’s about offering the right product with options and knowledge. In today’s fast-paced world, a traveler cannot miss an appointment, an event. A knowledgeable travel agent is the DJ’s, entertainer’s, corporate and leisure traveler’s best tool to get to their destination successfully and on-time. I offer value, strategy and solutions. I offer options. Time is money and I save my clients’ time while providing them with critical knowledge and travel arrangements. I feel that all aspects of travel balance without overwhelming each other. I consider the hotel, the on-ground transportation as well as air-travel. It’s all about value. I offer my clients, value.”
For assistance in arranging your travel arraignment – local, domestic and abroad, contact Phil Marks at Travel Too at 800-235-1309 / 415-467-6774, e-mail Stop by and say hello at their office located at 44 Visitacion Avenue, Suite 100, Brisbane, CA 94005. They are on the web and social media.

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