Get Charged Up!

Get Charged Up!
BY: Mayor W. Clarke Conway, City of Brisbane,
On Wednesday, February 14th we had the grand opening of the City of Brisbane’s first fast EV charging station which is located in the Brisbane Village Shopping Center.
The station features a Chargepointe DC fast charger. The station supplies 50,000 watts of power through either a CHAdeMo or Combo Connector which means that vehicles with fast charging capabilities can receive a full charge in 20 minutes to an hour. Brisbane is one of the first cities in San Mateo County to install one of these types of charging stations. This is the second station located in Brisbane as we have one located in the Marina that was paid for and installed by one of the marina boaters. This is a Level 2 charger and doesn’t have the quick charge capability. The City will provide free charging sessions for up to 45 minutes for the next 6 months, after that it will be $5 per hour. This station supports the city’s climate action goals and patrons of the station will be driving emissions free, thanks to Peninsula Clean Energy’s ECO100 product which provides 100% renewable energy. On hand to cut the special ribbon (made up of a gas hose) were Councilmember Karen Cunningham, Former Mayor and Councilmember Lori Liu, Open Space and Ecology members Barbara Ebel and Glenn Fieldman, Staff members Clay Holstine, Karen Kinser and Adrienne Etherton and Electric car enthusiasts Danny Ames and Luc Deschaumes who was gracious enough to donate his vehicle for a demonstration.
A special Thank you to Judy Ng, Manager of the Brisbane Village Shopping Center; Sven Thesen of the California Energy Commission and gas hose supplier who provided his assistance and knowledge into making this a reality; and Bay Area Air Quality Management District whose grant funds helped fund the charging station project. This was a project that was approved a few years back by a past council and finally came to fruition due to hard work and diligence of our staff.
So, if you have an electrical vehicle or an electric hybrid, come down to the Brisbane Village Shopping Center for your shopping and a free charge!
Baylands: The City Council will be evaluating the options we asked staff to look at in January at our March 1st meeting.

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