Lyon Medical Construction – Family Values

BY: ALISON WILSON, Brisbane Chamber Director Marketing / Sales

Lyon Medical Construction’s core value is based on family values; getting the job done right, with client satisfaction using engaged personnel. David A. Lyon started the business in 1981 with the goal of creating a niche company that was focused on the construc tion and renovation of hospitals, medical office buildings, and commercial spaces. When Dave retired from the business he passed the leadership to two craftspeople, Dan Carter and John Kapalanis, who grew their careers working at LMC. Dan opened the interview, “Dave firmly believed and practiced family values when running Lyon Medical Construction and promoting from within. Our vision is to provide a place where employees can make a living, live in the bay area, and have medical and dental coverage and a retirement plan. We want our employees to stay. John and I continue to practice his values while managing the business. When we retire, we too, will pass the leadership to our employees. In 1989, I started as an apprentice, worked hard and learned the business. Today, I am responsible for bidding and project management and personnel management. John is responsible for field operations and project management. We are a good team.”
“Our management style and size of our company ensures that we are mobile and can successfully manage our clients’ needs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.” Continuing, “for 30 years we have focused on our long-standing customers. Our priority is our repeat clients. We stand by our work, paying attention to detail and communication. We believe in transparency. Our workers live in the bay area and work in the field, so it is important that we all know the individual job requirements and the status of each project. To ensure that we provide a quality product we use project management tools that monitor each step of the job with instantaneous communication to all involved, i.e., from the architect to the craftsperson, to the office staff, plumbers, electricians, and clients.”
I asked Dan why Lyon Medical Construction located their business in Brisbane. He replied, “Location.” Continuing, “we are in the perfect center of the bay area close to the freeways and SFO airport. Being here we can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of San Bruno Mountain. The weather is sunny, and it is quiet.”
When renovating, building and repairing medical buildings Lyon Medical Construction adheres to the vision of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSPOD), i.e., ‘provide access to safe, quality healthcare environments that meet California’s dynamic and diverse needs’. I learned while speaking to Dan that OSPOD monitors the construction, renovation, and seismic safety of hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. “Both schools and medical facilities are built to a high standard for earthquake and fire catastrophes,” He continued, “we take pride in constructing high-quality facilities while being conscious of our energy usage. Protecting the earth’s limited resources is important to us.”
I asked Dan to speak on one of LMC challenges. He passionately spoke about the shortage of construction tradespeople. “Gone are the days when parents would tinker on their cars in the backyard, and our schools are not providing young people with the experience and joy of woodshop, metal work, welding, building, or auto mechanics. Young people are not being exposed to the much-needed fields of working with their hands, problem-solving and creating much-needed products,” he ended, “They aren’t learning about handiwork and don’t have the opportunity of finding out that what they may want to be is a valuable tradesperson.”
Lyon Medical Construction, Inc. is located at 100 North Hill Drive #52, Brisbane, CA 94005. They can be reached by phone 415-508-1970, fax 415-508-1971 and website Stop by and say hi.

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