6 Candidates Running for Brisbane School District Board Of Education

Two candidates are running for (1) two-year short term seat and four candidates are running for (2) four-year terms to serve as trustees for the Brisbane School District Board of Education. Candidates are listed below in the order they appear on the ballot for the (1) two-year seat and the (2) four-year seats. Each candidate was asked to share their top priorities with the Luminary readers.
Brisbane School District Member, Governing Board, Short Term:
Sharon L. Boggs
Occupation: Educator
My vision/mission is to create a joyful learning environment that empowers our students to do their best as they learn and explore in a community that is uplifting and grateful for each of our contributions. I bring experience, passion, and creativity to the table. Together we can create education opportunities that give ALL students equal access to learning!
Curtis L. Washington
Occupation: Incumbent
My priorities are: 1. Integrity-The school district will live up to its mission and ideals. 2. Equity and Access-That all students receive the opportunity for a first rate educational experience. 3. Involvement and Transparency-That parents and community have input to help shape the district’s programs and goals. 4. Fairness and Support-That everyone in our school family is treated as worthy of respect.
Brisbane School District Members, Governing Board, Full Term
Karen Lentz
Occupation: Parent/Business Owner
What is drawing me back to service on the School Board? Allowing families to decide when they feel safe returning to school. Exploring ideas such as hybrid learning and outdoor classrooms. Initiating long-range strategic planning that would secure our District’s independence and financial future. Thank you for your consideration.
Lillian Markind
Occupation: Incumbent
Committed to maintain the small, independent district with LOCAL CONTROL our community enjoys. Continued financial oversight for our balanced budget and bond-funded improvements. Collaborate with neighboring districts to increase educational opportunities. Commitment to ensure improved distance learning and a return to in-class learning for students, staff, and faculty when safe.
Mea Christie
Occupation: Director of Ecommerce
Our schools can be prepared for any crisis and can thrive in normal times with more resources for the district. The Baylands development gives us an opportunity to request community benefits. Let’s ensure that the hard work our town has put into securing local control of the Baylands pays off.
Jacque McLaughlin
Occupation: Incumbent
Grow critical thinkers who are exposed to real-world learning experiences through a social justice lens in a safe environment. Invest in teachers and staff. Work collaboratively with neighboring districts to share resources ensuring equitable opportunities are available to all students while maintaining our district’s size and local control.