A Terrific Meeting Place

BY: ALISON WILSON, Brisbane Chamber Director Marketing / Sales alison@brisbanechamber.org

47 Hills Brewing Company is the community living room for travelers, employees, drivers, business meetings, families, and parties. It is a great place to simply wait for SFO passengers, meet with friends and/or co-workers, study, and to enjoy the outdoors. John Tucci, President & Founder, opened the conversation saying, “Our taproom encourages all walks of life to take part in lively conversations and togetherness with our handcrafted wood tables, bar, and seating designed by Vice President & Co-Founder Drew Barrington.” He then asked me, “Did you notice that we do not have seating at the bar?” I said, “yes, I wondered about that.” He replied, “that is because we want everyone to feel welcome here in a family atmosphere, not a bar. We keep the tap room bright, not dim, to encourage our visitors to enjoy relaxing, quality time and enjoy conversations.”
In 2012 the concept of starting 47 Hills Brewing Company was crafted by John, a professional brewer and musician, and Drew, a professional construction artisan and musician, together they created a business plan, raised much need capital to start 47 Hills, honed their mission statement, found the perfect spacious warehouse that was easily accessed, and purchased a 25-barrel brewing system to begin to their brewery. Their dream was to make massive amounts of beer and create a space for people to gather and sample that beer in a warm, welcoming atmosphere became a reality in 2013.
I asked John to talk a bit about his history as a professional brewer. He replied, “In 1992, I began my brewing career while living and working in Munich, Germany. I studied brewing and malting science and worked at Paulaner Brewery, Bavaria’s largest brewery. I returned to America in 1998 and began working for Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group where I oversaw brewery production, staffing, purchasing, inventory, maintenance and quality control at each location and has gained vast experience in all aspects of brewery operations and management.” I learned that he is a respected member of the local brewing community and is a founding member and former vice president of the San Francisco Brewers Guild formed in 2004. I asked John about his business partner, Drew. He commented, “Drew is a long-time connoisseur of handcrafted beer, especially local craft brews. He brings much needed building expertise to the table, along with a sizable network of contractors, tradespeople in the design and build-out of the brewery and tasting room, as well as in the day-to-day operations of the 47 Hills Brewing Company.”
We then began talking about brewing beer. He commented “our goal is to build a responsible place for people to taste beer and enjoy each other. Look around and you notice that the taproom is a mirror to our crafted beer. We brew beer that is moderate and well balanced; we are not looking for the shock value or high alcohol content in our beer. We provide a friendly pleasurable taste with our beer made on site. “
Inside the taproom visitors are offered locally-sourced menu, to enjoy with their one-of-a kind 47 Hills beer. Patrons can enjoy an 18-food menu ranging from fried squash quesadillas to guacamole mini burgers to salads to vegetables to sausages. John said, “we provide a seasonal menu that changes every three months”
John founded 47 Hills Brewing Company in South San Francisco as the warehouse is close to the freeways, transportation, SFO airport and it is close to Brisbane where he lives and San Bruno Mountain. He emphasized the spacious warehouse, quietness and the ample parking. He said make sure you let people know that “47 Hills Brewery offers Blue Grass Music the 2nd Wednesday of each month and Trivia Tuesdays. With the ample space, guests have room to move, talk and enjoy each other.”
John ended the interview saying, “A business plan is never done. It is always changing. Drew and I are always examining what is working and what needs to be modified, looking for new opportunities and expanding our distribution. We truly want to give our customers the best fresh tasting beer in a welcoming atmosphere. Our beer and business is green-centric. We recycle and reuse because we want to have a minimal waste footprint. We are an integral part of our community, the San Francisco Bay Area which is why we sponsored the Brisbane Star Music Festival, other community events and offer our beer at local restaurants and bars.”
Stop by 47 Hills Brewing Company, 137 South Linden Ave., South San Francisco, CA 94080 and say hello to John and Drew. They are open Tuesday – Friday from 3:00pm to 10:00pm, Saturday – Sunday noon to 10:00pm and closed on Monday. The kitchen hours are Tuesday – Friday from 4:00pm to 10:00pm, Saturday – Sunday noon to 10:00pm. Contact them at info@47hillsbrewingcompany.com or call (650) 867-8476 and they can be found on social media.