Be Well, Live Well, Move Well

BY: ALISON WILSON, Brisbane Chamber Director Marketing / Sales, 415-640-9875

Be Well, Live Well, Move Well BY: ALISON WILSON, Brisbane Chamber Director Marketing / Sales, 415-640-9875 Dr. Michael Abney, Brisbane’s very own chiropractor started off the interview stating “I am passionate about wellness, about the entire health of our bodies. Health does matter, Wellness does work.” He spoke about how important it is to take care of all parts of the body and the interdependence of all of the pieces of the body to work well together: spine, muscles, joints and nerves. Dr. Abney commented, “Our patients range from healthy people wanting to stay healthy to sick people who want to get well. What they all have in common is, they want to experience optimal health.” The professionals at the Brisbane Chiropractic treat everything from muscle aches to disc injuries and arthritis to headaches and everything in between. He concluded, “That’s why I expanded Brisbane Chiropractic to include a gym studio, acupuncture and massage therapy.” Dr. Abney began practicing in South San Francisco in 1992, purchasing Brisbane Chiropractic in 1994. I asked why he chose to practice in Brisbane. He said “Brisbane Chiropractic, originally established in 1981 at the Brisbane Shopping Village, was for sale. I liked the community. I liked the culture of Brisbane. Noelle, my wife, and I wanted to live and work in Brisbane raising our children in this small familyoriented community. We wanted to provide a personable Chiropractic business. Brisbane remains the ideal location; we know our patients, and our friends stop by to say hi. I am the longest practicing chiropractor in the history of Brisbane.” Dr. Abney asked me if I knew that Chiropractic medicine is the 2nd largest health profession in the United States and covered by most insurance companies. He continued speaking about how spinal adjustments had been traced back to the times of Hippocrates. He showed me an historical advertisement while speaking about the “first” chiropractic adjustment given by D.D. Palmer in 1895. Dr. Abney concluded “while we help people who have suffered injury in automobile accidents or physical injuries, we definitely are focused on the overall well-being and promotion of good health. It’s important that people feel good and their bodies operate at peak level. Wellness Matters” I asked Dr. Abney how his business vision has changed and grown since purchasing Brisbane Chiropractic in 1994. “Our business was growing, patients and friends were consistently asking for a comfortable and safe place to exercise. So 10 years ago we moved to the heart of Brisbane.” He commented saying that he had always liked the location at 101 Visitacion Avenue. When it became available, everything clicked into place; we expanded and created a gym. He said, “We offer an intimate and safe gym studio where both local citizens, employees and business owners can work out on their personal schedule. Members are provided with a personal access code. We offer a variety membership programs for each of our services. Members can combine services and receive unbelievable savings.” In answer to the question about the biggest challenges of the business of Chiropractors Dr. Abney responded that the vast majority of patients get better. Marketing is always a challenge as Chiropractors don’t rely on using drugs for life, rather they believe that the body can heal itself. Referrals are an integral part of our business in developing new clientele; plus returning patients who want to keep their bodies working optimally or if a new condition develops. Dr. Abney commented, “Wellness matters, health matters. We are definitely one of a kind in Brisbane and this is advantageous. With my 20 years of experience, ongoing education and following a standard routine, taking a medical history, conducting a physical neurological and orthopedic examination that may include X-rays, I am able to discern what is causing the pain and often correct conditions others may have missed.” He continued, “I am honored that our patients live in Brisbane, travel from distant countries and the greater Bay Area. I take pride in giving individualized, quality care to each patient. People are important.” Brisbane Chiropractic is located at 101 Visitacion Avenue, Brisbane, CA 94005; phone 415- 467-3456. They are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9 am – 6 pm. Stop by, check out the gym and say hi. Check out Brisbane Chiropractic on the web at and Dr. Abney checks his e-mail regularly at