Carmel Kabash Coatings: Painting it Right the First Time

By: MADISON DAVIS, CEO/President, Brisbane Chamber of Commerce,, 415-467-7283

Carmel Kabash Coatings: Painting it Right the First Time
By: MADISON DAVIS, President/CEO, Brisbane Chamber of Commerce,, 415-467-7283
Born and raised in Brisbane, Carmel Kabash gained experience in painting and construction at a young age. Her family hired not one but two contractors who took off with their money, leaving their home unfinished. Carmel’s father decided to complete the work himself with Carmel assisting along the way. Unfortunately, Carmel’s father suffered an injury and lost his hand so Carmel became his literal “right hand” woman and finished the project.
Carmel eventually became part of the carpenter’s union. Over the course of time she learned she loved finish work and started painting more often. At 28 she received her contractor’s license and now has almost 20 years worth of trade experience. Her company, Carmel Kabash Coatings, specializes in painting interiors and exteriors, waterproofing, power washing, water damage repair, dry rot repair, galvanized metal painting, epoxy coatings, urethane coatings and much much more. She has worked on many homes throughout Brisbane and has completed work for the City of Brisbane and businesses throughout town. Alumna of both Brisbane Elementary School and Lipman Middle School, Carmel enjoys working for customers in Brisbane, many of whom have known her family for generations. Carmel also has experience painting famous Victorians in San Francisco such as the “Mrs. Doubtfire” home and “The Painted Ladies” along with a number of hotels including the Fairmont Hotel and the Westin St. Francis.
Her work is known to last the test of time and she spares no effort in making sure each job is completed to the client’s specifications. Carmel Kabash Coatings prides itself on exceptional preparatory work to get the job done right the first time and restorative work for those clients who have had work fail that’s been performed by other painters/contractors. Carmel takes care to provide customized color consultations for clients who may not have something in mind already. She notes such details as the surrounding homes, the client’s style, and shades that are currently popular to select the perfect color.
When asked what aspect of her business brings her the most joy, Carmel replied, “my favorite part is making people happy. I never want anyone to live in an unfinished house the way I did.”
As Carmel reflects on her business she remembers that when she started on her own she faced an uncertain economic climate at the height of the housing recession. She learned the importance of developing a reserve to finance larger jobs as banks weren’t financing business loans at the time. She also had to get creative not only to survive but to establish her business in its infancy. Carmel realized that as a female in a male-dominated field, she needed to stand out that much more through her widespread product and tool knowledge and by following all instructions to a T. As her business continues to grow, Carmel hopes to build its sophistication by leveraging strategy and efficiency along with expert details, products, and application techniques.
In her spare time, Carmel enjoys cycling. She can often be spotted riding through town and rides every year for AIDS/LifeCycle, a seven-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles raising critically needed funds for HIV/AIDS-related services. Carmel cycles to give back until there’s a cure or until her “legs fall off.”
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