Certificate of Origin and Assistant Secretary Program

The Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer Certificate of Origin and Assistant Secretary Program.

A Certificate of Origin is a document that certifies that the shipped goods it accompanies are made in the United States. Most countries require a Certificate of Origin with imported goods. The Certificate of Origin requires an authorized signature by your local Chamber of Commerce designated representative and the seal of the Chamber.

To find specific documents commonly used in exporting such as common export-related documents, certificates of origin, other certificates for shipments of specific goods, Export licenses and Temporary shipment documents, please export.gov. For assistance with country-specific documentation requirements, please contact the Trade Information Center at 1-800-USATRADE.

Companies requesting a Certificate of Origin must submit a formal letter to the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce with a list of authorized company representatives allowed to make Certificate of Origin requests on behalf of the company. The letter must be signed by a senior level corporate representative and must include a state ID or driver’s license number for each individual listed. This letter will be kept on file with the Brisbane Chamber, and must be renewed annually.

When requesting a Certificate of Origin, businesses must provide the Brisbane Chamber with a completed Certificate of Origin. Employees of the business requesting the Certificate must be on the list on file with the Chamber of authorized company representatives and must present, at request, the corresponding photo ID. The descriptions and amounts on the Certificate of Origin form must be consistent with those entered on shipping invoice or receipt. It is requested that companies call ahead to make an appointment with one of the Chamber representatives authorized to issue Certificates of Origin.

Assistant Secretary Program

For an additional fee, businesses may participate in the Assistant Secretary Program. This program eliminates trips to the chamber office by authorized use of the Chamber Seal at the business’ location by a authorized employee’s signature. The savings of time, travel and cost per document may more than pay for this membership. Only members in good standing with the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce will be provided with this service.

To request a Certificate of Origin or to participate in the Assistant Secretary Program, simply contact Mitch Bull, CEO/president by phoning (415) 467-7283 or e-mail mitch.bull@brisbanechamber.org.