City and Chamber Host Star-Decorating Workshop

On Sunday, November 17th, the City of Brisbane and the Chamber of Commerce came together to host the first ever Star-Decorating Workshop at Mission Blue Center. The event was held to encourage and enable residents to have their homes and/or business become a part of our magical “City of Stars”. Just like the City’s long-time star tradition, the Star-Decorating Workshop was a magnificent example of our community coming together. The Parks and Recreation Department, Chamber of Commerce, and Star Maker Bob Wilson and wife Alison Wilson all helped make our City shine a little bit brighter. Those who attended the event were provided with either a 3’, 4’ or 5’ wooden star frame, light fasteners, decorations, and tools to secure everything to the stars. The youth were also able to make and decorate their own little wooden star decorations with markers, glitter, and glue. To top it all off, there was festive music, hot cocoa, marshmallows, and homemade cookies that were enjoyed by all. It is safe to say that this event might even become a new Brisbane tradition!