City Recognizes Mitch Bull

By: Mayor Madison Davis, City of Brisbane,, 415-706-5276

City Recognizes Mitch Bull
By: Mayor Madison Davis, City of Brisbane,, 415-706-5276
City Recognizes Mitch Bull
On behalf of the city council, I have the pleasure of recognizing Mitch Bull for his years of service to the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce. While Mitch retired a few months ago, the council will honor him during our April 18th council meeting with the following proclamation, the first I’ve personally written as Mayor.
WHEREAS, for the last 25 years Mitch Bull has served the Brisbane Chamber, 14 years as a board member and 11 years as its CEO.
WHEREAS, during his tenure he established a number of events and programs. While on the board he suggested the Excellence in Education Scholarship Awards in which Brisbane students from elementary school through high school along with exceptional educators, are recognized for their outstanding performance through scholarships and awards. To date, the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce has awarded nearly $300,000 worth of scholarships and has made a significant impact in the lives of hundreds of students and their educational pursuits.
WHEREAS, Mitch also helped create the Students in Business in Government Program which introduces 8th grade students to businesses through a shadowing day. This experience allows students to get a first-hand sense of a possible career path and has inspired the career choices of numerous individuals.
WHEREAS, as CEO, Mitch created the Business Expo in conjunction with other North County Chambers, showcasing the strength of our business community and giving these businesses an opportunity to market themselves to customers. He also worked with other chambers to arrange the State of the County where local leaders and legislators address business issues.
WHEREAS, throughout his tenure, Mitch strengthened the relationship between Brisbane businesses, the city, and the community and created an atmosphere that fostered dialogue and collaboration. Mitch refocused the chamber from being event driven to one of advocacy and action, ensuring the perspectives of businesses were considered in a balanced way. Under his leadership the chamber partnered with The League of Women Voters to sponsor Candidates’ Forum during election season, and annually sponsored the city’s State of the City Address, thereby promoting citizens’ access to key information.
WHEREAS, Mitch used his background in journalism to enhance Brisbane’s business journal, “The Luminary,” taking the publication from a newsletter to an eight page paper. This decision proved to be a fiscal triumph and transformed “The Luminary” into a paper beloved by not only the business community, but Brisbane’s citizens. In an age where papers are disappearing, “The Luminary” continues to grow, sustains readership, and serves as one of the primary ways to deliver information to the community.
WHEREAS, during his time with the chamber, Mitch planned dozens of mixers and events which created an environment that fostered networking and learning amongst neighbors, businesses, and city officials. He has helped businesses find places to rent, promoted them to new customers, advised them on how to get involved, and introduced them to the community with ribbon-cuttings.
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City Council of the City of Brisbane thanks Mitch Bull for his years of service to Brisbane and his development of the Chamber of Commerce into the successful institution it is today.
Approved this 18th Day of April, 2019.
We will be sad to see Mitch go, but are grateful to have him continue to strengthen our business community as the city’s Economic Development Director.
Finally, here’s this month’s Brisbane Fun Fact: In 1944 Brisbane’s Chamber of Commerce was established with Melvin Lowe serving as President.
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