Congratulations to Newly Elected Board Officers

BY: ALISON WILSON, Brisbane Chamber Director Marketing / Sales, 415-467-7283

At the January 2020 board meeting, the board nominated and elected four board executive officers and re-elected 7 board members to serve on the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for the upcoming year. The Chamber sincerely thanks outgoing chairperson, Bruce Bonar, for his exemplary service as chairperson for 2018 and 2019. Congratulations to Jennifer Wilder-Smith of BiRite Foodservice Distributors, who has been elected Chairperson of the Brisbane Chamber Board of Directors for a two-year term; Dan Carter of Lyon Medical Construction, elected to a one-year term as vice president; Sue Cochran of Cochran Construction, elected to a one-year term as secretary; and Tamara Palmer-Heath, of Golden State Lumber, elected to a one-year term as treasurer. The following business executives were elected and agreed to serve for a four-year term: Freddy Beaman, US Bank; Bruce Bonar; Cristian Cabrera, J Style
of Home; Jason Cranston, JLL; Shane Maddox, Bamko; Tamara Palmer-Heath, Golden State Lumber; and Mary Shulenberger, Parle Enterprises.
Meet Chairperson Jennifer Wilder-Smith
Jennifer Wilder-Smith has served the Brisbane business community tirelessly since 2013 as both a board director and an executive officer on the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce Board. Throughout her service as a board member, she has been an active and vibrant member assisting with the creation of the Chamber’s website and logo and the hiring and transition of a new president and CEO for the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce. She is a passionate voice for business. I asked Jennifer to share the secrets of her success. She replied, “I got to where I am today through networking, building and maintaining solid relationships, work/life balance, constant laughter, and my family.” Jennifer is married with two children.
Jennifer is the Director of Marketing for BiRite Foodservice Distributors. She attended Sacramento State University, receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Art. While speaking with Jennifer, I learned of her passion for planning, organizing, design, graphics, data, and art. When she graduated from Sacramento State she began a career in sales and customer service. She was soon promoted to human resources and marketing. In 2012 she was recruited from her marketing manager position to Director of Marketing at BiRite Foodservice Distributors. Her responsibilities include managing a marketing team, driving brand awareness, designing sales incentives, creating a budget, implementing marketing plans, meeting and event planning, and data analysis. Jennifer commented, “I really enjoy toggling between a creative and a data-driven mind to develop marketing campaigns within the company. BiRite Foodservice Distributors currently sells over 14,000 items. These products include national and local brands, fresh produce, center of the plate offerings, specialty goods, disposables and just about everything else you would need to run a successful restaurant. Our customers include independently-owned restaurants, caterers, universities, hotels, tech companies, and country clubs throughout Northern California. We are fortunate to live in such a demographically diverse area, where menus can set the trends like plant-based proteins, local cheeses and gluten-free items. We pride ourselves on being a valuable resource to our customers.”
We spoke about the company environment and culture. Jennifer commented that BiRite supports a healthy work-life balance. “We have a very customer-centric mindset, constantly striving to offer our customers the products and services that they want and need, delivered when they need it. The family-owned business has been conducting themselves this way for over 53 years. We moved to Brisbane, from San Francisco, because Brisbane is centrally located and is a welcoming community for our customers to visit and our workers to work. We are family.”
In closing, Jennifer said, “I am honored to have been nominated to serve the business community as Chairperson of the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce. This is a golden opportunity to provide actionable value and results, while working with others to develop new ideas. As a chamber, I look forward to promoting our local businesses, supporting our youth, and building networking opportunities.”
Contact Jennifer Wilder-Smith, marketing director, at or 415.672.6671 and congratulate her on her new position with the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce.