(EXPO)se yourself to reach your customers! …

BY: BRUCE BONAR, Brisbane Chamber of Commerce Board Chair, bruce@brisbanechamber.org, 415-467-7283

In today’s super- fast-paced environment, we are all inundated with e-mails, infomercials and endless ads on our smart phones, computers and TV’s, not to mention traditional newspaper and radio ads. Throw in “Valpak” coupons, door hangers and post cards and we are deluged with offers of every sort, and we haven’t even touched on those telemarketers yet… Often the ad messages overwhelm us and we take to deleting the emails, throwing away the mail and fast forwarding through or muting the commercials on TV. All in all, many attempts to distribute promotional and marketing messages aren’t very effective, especially if they end up in the “trash bin” either electronically or physically.
When we look for a product or service provider, we usually look first to those we are familiar with or have heard of before. Price may enter into the equation but generally it’s challenging to become a provider “of choice” if customers haven’t heard of you or knows what your company offers.
One of the missions at the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce is to give local businesses several different ways to reach their target audience, making their businesses widely known and consumers’ provider “of choice.” We conduct seminars, publish a local newspaper, develop a business and residential directory/telephone book for our city and host regular ribbon cuttings, mixers and special events which give a business several opportunities for exposure.
On Thursday, August 8th, 2019, we will again be partnering with other local Chambers of Commerce to plan and operate the 7th Annual Multi-Chamber Business Expo. This event, at the South San Francisco Conference Center, brings citizens and companies from all over the Northern portion of San Mateo County together and gives companies and merchants another avenue to reach out to potential customers across the county.
During the event, merchants have the opportunity to meet with potential customers face to face and develop relationships that will strengthen their business. This year the expos will feature both large and small corporations as well as home-based businesses and non-profit organizations.
Want to get even more involved? Sign up with us as a sponsor of the expo. Sponsorships start at $100 and your brand will be represented at the event, through promotional materials, and on social media.
Get “EXPOsed!” It’s a fantastic way to connect with the community and help ensure more people know about your business; after all- if they don’t know about you, it is nearly impossible to motivate them to purchase goods and services from you or your company. Interested? Give one of us a call at the chamber (415.467.7283) to get involved or email madison@brisbanechamber.org