Fall on the Horizon

By: Mayor Madison Davis, City of Brisbane, madisondavis@ci.brisbane.ca.us, 415-706-5276

As we wrap up the summer and head into the fall season, I want to keep you informed of things to look forward to in the coming months. However, before I get into what’s on the horizon, I’d like to take a moment to recap our annual National Night Out on August 6th. National Night out is a nationwide event promoting engagement between police officers and the community. In Brisbane, we observed National Night Out with our police force and fire personnel. Over 60 residents stopped by the park and engaged with law enforcement and the Lions Club was on hand barbecuing up their famous burgers and hot dogs. Midtown Market and Pitco Foods donated beverages and chips, helping make the event a success. The new owners of Midtown were present throughout the evening to personally hand out snacks and donated an additional $1000 towards the event. I can’t thank them enough for their generosity. Jimmy Leslie and his wife Kerri kept the park abuzz with live music. If you missed this year’s event, join us next year on August 4th 2020.
As the fall season approaches, we have much to look forward to with our city’s first public art installations resulting from the public arts ordinance, volunteer of the year enhancements, and of course, the new library.
In October 2014, the city council passed the Public Arts Ordinance which determines a number of development situations that trigger contributing to the public art fund. The primary source of funding at this point has come from 1% of total commercial building costs over $1,000,000. Since its inception the public art fund has already generated a few hundred thousand dollars to be spent on public art projects throughout the city. Through the council’s direction, a public art committee was formed in 2018, consisting of two council members, two Park and Rec commissioners, an artist, a business owner, and a member of the community. Together, the committee determines sites for art and how art funds should be spent. For each project, two additional members of the community are appointed to participate in the selection process to ensure the piece is compatible with the neighborhood and location. The new library will debut one of city’s first public art pieces resulting from the ordinance, blown glass butterflies suspended from the ceiling. Currently, the committee is interviewing finalists for a piece that will go on the skateboard park wall adjacent to the signboard at the entrance to town. All the artists who have applied are local muralists with their own unique style. We look forward to hiring an artist and expect the piece will be completed in early 2020.
A few weeks ago two Park and Rec Commissioners and two council members met to select the volunteer of the year. During this meeting we came to the conclusion that the city should also honor a youth volunteer of the year. The community of Brisbane has always been one of volunteerism, a value that is instilled in many of our youth and one we would like to continue to foster in future generations. Awards for youth volunteer of the year will commence this year and the recipient will be bestowed a community honor at some point in 2020. The current volunteer of the year lights the Christmas tree at the Festival of Lights and the youth volunteer will have a similar honor, yet to be determined. Stop by the Day in the Park this year to find out who our adult and youth volunteer of year will be. Until then, we’re sworn to secrecy.
You may have noticed the new library is well on its way to completion. The framing is in place and the contractor is now working on the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical elements of the building. At this point, the contractor estimates a completion date in October. At that time, books and furnishings will move in and the artist will hang her installation from the entryway ceiling. Taking all of that into account, we are looking at a projected opening date in November.
The Friends of the Brisbane Library are still accepting proposals for artwork for the donor wall. If you are an artist and would like to submit a proposal, please take the following into consideration: the artwork must be a high enough resolution to be reproduced on ceramic tiles at a large scale (17.5 feet wide by 9.5 feet tall). Paintings are welcomed and will be scanned for reproduction. Artists may submit a finished piece of work, concept, or specific proposal for a commissioned piece of art. Email your questions or submission to: wall@fobl.info. Also, if you have yet to donate to the new library and would like to be recognized with a tile, please consider giving at: www.tinyurl.com/librarydonorform. Donations are tax-deductible.
That’s all for my column, here’s my Brisbane Fun Fact of the Month: In 1932 Brisbane established: a girl scout troop, the Brisbane Social Club, the Brisbane Fire Department, the public library, and our first weekly newspaper, The Brisbane Sun.
If you have a question, concern, compliment, or feedback I invite you to email me at madisondavis@brisbaneca.org or give me a call at 415-706-5276.