Home Sweet Home – Focus on Stacy Huang

By: ALISON WILSON, Brisbane Chamber Director Marketing / Sales alison@brisbanechamber.org

Brisbane realtor Stacy Huang grew up in China where she earned her bachelor’s degree in International Business from Anshan Normal University. She loves to travel, discovered the Bay Area, and made the decision to attend San Francisco State to further her education.
I asked Stacy why she decided to become a realtor. She replied, “I like working with people and helping them make their dreams come true. Many of my Chinese, New York, and San Francisco friends asked me for advice on which home or property they should buy. So, I began to explore the world of real estate. I learned what it took to be a realtor and knew I could become an agent. My family raised me to have a strong work-ethic and attention to detail. I knew I could be a good realtor.” Stacy is a San Francisco Association Realtor and is a Graduate of REALTOR® Institute (GRI).
Stacy gave me a brief history of her journey to find a brokerage that would satisfy her goal of providing exemplary service to both local and international sellers and buyers. She said, “I continued to search to find a real estate company that I felt would serve my clients best and where I could continue growing my real estate expertise and knowledge.” I asked her to expand on this thought, she replied, “I wanted a company that offered transparency and a streamlined transaction process for my clients whether they were selling or buying in the United States or China. In addition, I wanted a company that offered me tools for marketing and leads. I discovered that J.F. Finnegan Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate went paperless 11 years ago and they use Skyslope for real estate transactions and determined that this was the fit I was looking for.”
Continuing, Stacy said, “I joined J.F. Finnegan Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate to become a top real estate agent. Manager/Owner Rick Whipple suggested that I work with realtors Joel Diaz and Bonnie Boswell to offer top notch service to my clients. We blend our talents and strengths to provide excellent service. For example, one of my talents is bridging the gap between Asian and American sellers and buyers. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English. By partnering with Joel and Bonnie, I can offer my clients’ Joel’s general contracting experience along with my fluency in three languages. Because I am committed to helping clients prepare their homes for sale, I provide home staging and design as a complimentary service.”
Stacy said, “I discovered Brisbane and I want to serve this community. The people living here are so friendly and helpful. Brisbane is powerful sitting at the foot of San Bruno Mountain, next to the San Francisco Bay. I call it a ‘hidden dragon.’ A good place to live filled with strong, positive energy.”
Contact Stacy Huang and welcome her to Brisbane. You can email her at stacy.huang@bhgrehomes.com call 415.840.5704 and visit her website at www.forsalestacy.com She is on social media, search STACY HUANG on Twitter, Facebook, IG, LinkedIn and WeChat.