Madison Davis

Occupation: Incumbent/Mayor

– Who I am-
As a lifelong resident, I am fortunate to call Brisbane my hometown. Growing up in Brisbane afforded me the opportunity to receive a Brisbane School District education, the ability to perform for Brisbane Dance Workshop, and the experience of being a steward of San Bruno Mountain and the lagoon. I am a graduate of San Francisco State University with a B.S. in Business Administration, the CEO of Brisbane’s Chamber of Commerce, and own a staging company with my family.
-Why I’m Qualified-
Brisbane has shaped the person I am today. As a former Silverspot Nursery School aide and former Brisbane Dance Workshop board member, I understand how essential it is to keep Brisbane safe, develop constructive outlets for our youth, and provide services for families. During my tenure on the City Council and Parks and Recreation Commission, I worked diligently to improve the City’s programming, services, and facilities while striving to keep our Brisbane traditions relevant for future generations.
-What I Bring to the Table-
I have demonstrated the ability to work collaboratively with our City’s staff and my colleagues. As a Council Member and now as Mayor, I advocated for our city at the county and state level, incorporated citizen feedback into decision-making, maintained an open mind when approaching issues, and have worked to develop solutions that appeal to a broad range of perspectives. I listen to understand not to respond, which has enabled me to embrace new ideas and the viewpoints of others. These skills will continue to aid the council as we navigate the Baylands Specific Plan Process.
-My Vision-
The Baylands is ripe with opportunity. I envision a development that harnesses innovative technology and planning techniques to create a community that pushes the boundaries of sustainability while also embodying Brisbane’s small town character. I will advocate for a robust transportation and trail network, engaging parks and open space, revitalized wetlands, a restored Roundhouse, and a thriving commercial district with restaurants and shops. I will hold UPC and regulatory agencies accountable, demanding the highest remediation possible. Ultimately, I want the Baylands to be safe, reflect our community’s values, and incorporate the vision of our citizens.
With your support, I will continue to make Brisbane a special place to live and work. Serving as a City Council Member has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I would be honored to continue, and respectfully ask for your re-election vote.