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Hagen, W. Alexander Etheric Networks (415)336-2923 
Hart, Cris San Francisco Trains, Inc. (415)254-7931 
Hassan, Jumana Joy Holiday (415)549-5453 
Haugen, Dave DCT Industrial Trust (949)219-1248 
Hawley, Scott A. C. Calderoni & Co., Inc. (415)468-1897(415)468-5967 
Heath, Tamara Golden State Lumber (415)468-1000(415)468-4690 
Hernandez, Mary Gil Construction and Associates, Inc. (650)992-7800 
Hershman, Marc State Senator Jerry Hill (650)212-3313(650)212-3320 
Herwig, Christian Kuehne & Nagel Inc. (415)656-4100(415)467-7414 
Hill, Jerry State Senator Jerry Hill (650)212-3313(650)212-3320 
Hill, Justin Expeditors International of WA, Inc (415)657-3600 
Ho, Michael Universal Paragon Corp. (415)468-6676(415)468-6678 
Hogan, Sean San Francisco Plumbing Company (415)664-2345(415)468-7818 
Hogan Jr., Clay San Francisco Plumbing Company (415)664-2345(415)468-7818 
Hoskins, Josephine Teriyaki House (415)656-1889(415)656-1576 
Howard, Josh Doubletree by Hilton - San Francisco Airport North (415)467-4400(415)467-4440 

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