Schools are the Hub of Our Communities

By: Roxana Hui, Brisbane Elementary School District Board Trustee,

Schools are the Hub of our Communities
By: Roxana Hui, Brisbane Elementary School District Board Trustee,
Our District staff works diligently every day to ensure that our schools are safe learning spaces for our children to learn, play and grow. All of our schools are closed campuses, however, they are also meant to be used by the community when school is not in session. We want our open spaces to be multipurpose and enjoyed by all.
At Brisbane Elementary, AYSO soccer uses the grass area in the evenings and on weekends. At Panorama School, AYSO soccer and the Junior Giants also have similar, seasonal schedules. The recent Kaboom! grant and upcoming playground build will also include adult exercise stations on the perimeter of the property for the neighborhood to enjoy after hours.
Lipman Middle School also has a similar soccer and baseball schedule on their grass field. The tennis courts are enjoyed by the community, and Brisbane Park and Rec conducts their summer tennis lessons there. This school site poses additional challenges to conveying the facilities’ use for students during school hours due to its tiered layout and close proximity to the nearby hiking trails. Our beautiful field and tennis courts are used throughout the day for various rotations of physical education classes and school-wide events, as noted by the signs.
We have a wonderful partnership with the City of Brisbane that assists with the care and maintenance of these open spaces. That can be confusing for some that might see this as city property, however, it is school district property and subject to district and state guidelines.
We are always seeking ways to improve our communication so are looking into more standout, comprehensive signage. In the meantime, we thank you, the Brisbane community,