By: Terry O’Connell, City of Brisbane Mayor,

As August approaches, the City Council goes into its typical recess for the month to allow us to recharge our energies. 2020 is not a typical year. Gone are the visions of travel to France, Spain, Thailand or Greece. Plans have been postponed or sadly cancelled….maybe next year those travels may be possible?
So 2020 is the year of staycations.
Making the best of what we have here at home and finding ways to entertain and energize ourselves and our families.
Instead of that trip to Hawaii, maybe you will make the luau at home this year? Spend the time socializing in the back yard with new found furniture or landscaping?
Perhaps, your family will find a project or cause near and dear to your hearts to support that will help bring you together like no “experience “ afar could ever do?
Maybe, a visit to a family member, where memories and stories can be told, exaggerated and shrugged off as tall tales, or maybe found to be true?
Perfectly, time spent in company of others that are important to you, that in a normal year, would go unnoticed, unsung, and missed as an important part of our social fabric that brings so much meaning and love to our lives.
This August, take the time to find what is important to you, and make it happen.
This can be the staycation-vacation that can never be repeated. We hope that life next year will be the new normal and we will be free to do our usual traveling and have those experiences, but what will make 2020 special is the home bound limitations that are limitless….and can be so innovative if you try.
I am relying on “family” to come together safely, with masks on, to make this August a month to remember. A special one of a kind experience that can never be duplicated. So many distractions that are missing, so many events that are not open, so many opportunities that are there if you see them….
Happy Summer