Still Here After 162 Years

BY: Pia Cortez, 7 Mile House,, (650) 296-3518

With a wave of new establishments, a new digital landscape (are we friends on Facebook?) and new ways of relating, working and connecting with each other, 7 Mile House has continued to embrace all of it and keep its doors open to everyone.
In spite of the changing demographics and demands of the Bay Area–manifested in 411 restaurant closures in San Francisco from January to October 2019–7 Mile House remains steadfast and committed to its roots, to its community and to the legacy it seeks to preserve.
On January 25, 2020 (Saturday), the restaurant will be celebrating its 162nd anniversary starting at 11:30 am with adobo bowl giveaways (available while supplies last), karaoke from 2-6pm and Andre Thierry Zydeco from 8-10:30pm.
“We are so lucky to have a community at 7 Mile House for without our patrons and our customers, we wouldn’t be standing here at 162
years old. So many restaurants in the Bay Area have closed but we’re still here and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who keeps showing up. We’ve also taken the time to listen to what customers are seeking or are looking for, so we can continue to evolve,” says owner Vanessa Garcia.
In the past year, the restaurant introduced a vegan option, the Beyond Burger which is made of a plant-based meat substitute. And starting this month, there are also more additions to the menu which include vegan and vegetarian options. Everyone’s beloved sizzling sisig dish is getting a vegan version, which can be eaten with steamed rice or however way folks enjoy their sisig. There’s also portobello mushroom burgers and sandwiches, a vegan afritada (meat substitute sauteed with potatoes and carrots) and a “I can’t believe it’s not egg” salad open-faced sandwich!
These additions only serve to strengthen 7 Mile House’s commitment to its patrons, something that Vanessa and the team holds true.
From 1858 to the present, no matter what the tides bring in, 7 Mile House will remain a place and a home true to its character: #WhereTheLocalsGo. For more info, visit