Terry O’Connell

Occupation: Incumbent Mayor Pro-Tempore

Education and Qualifications:
Brisbane has always had a strong sense of community with caring, small town ideals, while facing real big city concerns.
With pleasure and dedication, I have served Brisbane for two terms on the City Council and currently I am honored to serve as the Mayor Pro-Tempore, representing Brisbane on the Council, and on county-wide committees.
Active within the community, I have served on the Board of Directors of Brisbane Dance Workshop, Sierra Point Yacht Club, San Bruno Mountain Watch, and have volunteered with the Live At Mission Blue concert series. This has shown me that personal involvement can make a huge difference in the livability of Brisbane. It strengthens our community, and together we can ensure that the values that are imperative to our well-being are addressed.
Issues around growth, development, housing, sustainability and open space are not yet resolved. Planning for what our future will bring continues to be an important discussion for Brisbane. This must be done right and with participation from the entire community.
Speaking with neighbors and friends continues to make me keenly aware that Brisbane has a broad variety of issues that are vital to our community, as well as the serious challenges we face going forward as a city and as a society.
With my strong work ethic, I will continue to keep Brisbane a leader on open space and wild land preservation, renewable energy, green building and sustainability. I will also work to ensure that any development on the Baylands will be environmentally clean and safe for any users. Baylands development must be revenue positive in all phases, providing assurances of future safety including funded long-term monitoring.
Financially responsible and dedicated to making sure that Brisbane lives within its budget, I support sustainable, responsible growth to ensure that Brisbane can meet its current and future infrastructure and financial obligations.
I support preserving San Bruno Mountain, Icehouse Hill and the Roundhouse for future generations.
Brisbane, we must keep our principles and standards strong and our public involved.
Representing you as a member of the Brisbane City Council, I will continue to bring to the table my personal goals of ecological sustainability and preservation of our community values.
I would be honored to continue to serve and I respectfully request your vote.