Tolerance for Educators

By: Sarah Neidhart, Panorama School Principal,

Tolerance for Educators By: Sarah Neidhart, Panorama School Principal, The Brisbane School District staff recently had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles for a Tolerance for Educators two-day professional development. This opportunity provided the staff with an immersive and reflective experience at the Museum of Tolerance, and a Tools for Tolerance® for Educators’ program that is designed to advance anti-bias education and promote the creation of inclusive and equitable schools. On the first day, we toured the section of the museum devoted to the Holocaust. After we toured this section with our own personal curator we heard the first hand historical account from Holocaust survivor Harry Davids. On the second day we toured the Tolerance Center and learned about the history of racism, media, and bias. Educators also participated in a few curriculum sessions with Teaching Tolerance anti-bias curriculum writer, Sara Wich. It is the mission of Teaching Tolerance to help teachers and schools educate children and youth to be active participants in a diverse democracy. While studying the Teaching Tolerance anti-bias curriculum we were also introduced to the Social Justice Standards. We had time to think about and share how we can put the standards into action in the classroom. The museum reminds us all “why” it is so important to focus on this work and the Teaching Tolerance Curriculum gives educators the tools and resources to focus on social justice and anti-bias learning in the classroom. The Brisbane School District is looking forward to taking the next steps in our learning to reinforce inclusive and equitable school climates and curriculum. This professional development was paid in full by a generous grant from the Museum of Tolerance.