BY: Chamber Member Teresa Montgomery, Sustainable Programs Manager, South San Francisco Scavenger Company,

Q: Can I recycle leaky batteries?
A: Yes. Leaky household batteries can be recycled. Please handle with care. Remember to place tape over both ends of any lithium batteries and over both terminals of any 9-volt batteries. Place batteries in a clear zip-top bag before taking to a drop-off location or putting on top of the lid to your garbage cart for collection.
Q: Can I recycle plastic bags that have the recycling symbol and #4 printed on them?
A: No—at least not through our curbside collection program. The only plastic items allowed under the blue lid of residential recycling carts are rigid plastic containers like bottles, jugs, tubs, and trays. A few Bay Area retailers do have collection bins where you can drop off bags for recycling. You will find them at most Safeway, Lowe’s, Whole Foods and Target stores. If you are unable to find a drop-off location, please reuse the bags as many times as you can and then place in the garbage.
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