Welcome 2020

By: Terry O’Connell, City of Brisbane Mayor, terryoconnell@ci.brisbane.ca.us

Welcome 2020, a new year, and a new decade. A year filled with many possibilities and with equal challenges. How do we create needed changes while respecting the Brisbane ethos that so many of us covet dearly?
Of course, many of these possibilities bring challenges of how to engage, finance, and implement changes to our policies that respect how the residents of Brisbane see their world, and will require that Council Members and staff listen carefully and that the residents listen and SPEAK UP, when you can.
Many exciting things are on this year’s agenda: The New Library is so close to completion, we can almost feel the buzz of the patrons waiting to see the final project with its public art project installed. With the completion of the library, we must determine what to do with the soon to be vacated Library building. I think that many local groups have ideas of how to use that space and in 2020 we will navigate the process of deciding its future use. We will also address safety trails within town, which we have budgeted. These will bring safer routes to school, create evacuation routes, and allow for more protected walking paths for our seniors. This will make Brisbane safer in an emergency for all the upper streets. The Kings Rd hillside stabilization project has gotten initial funding to study the hill so we can determine what form of engineering will be needed to prevent the hill from degrading further and to protect nearby residents. Upon identifying a solution, the council will need to approve the project and budget for its construction (please be patient since these things take time).
As always, the Baylands process is moving forward, slowly, as it should, as we all have a stake in making it the best as it can be for Brisbane in every way.
Remember that the best way for your voice to be heard is with a letter or an IN-PERSON appearance at a City Council meeting, the Council cannot MONITOR THE RESIDENTS OF BRISBANE FACEBOOK PAGE.
Engage, be heard, show up, reach out to a council member, that’s how your opinion can make a difference!
To each of you, a happy, safe, and peaceful New Year 2020.