Welcome Ichika Sushi House

By: ALISON WILSON, Brisbane Chamber Director Marketing / Sales alison@brisbanechamber.org

Irvin Liang graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing. Following graduation, Irvin held jobs in the IT field, managing finances and sales for a granite company, and learned the art of sushi as a chef. These experiences serve as his foundation as a business owner and inspire his passion for exceptional customer service.
When a location in the Brisbane Village Shopping Center came available, Irvin and his wife Kai Ling Lu, knew this was their opportunity to make their dream of owning and running a Japanese restaurant, come to fruition. Together with brother-in-law Tim Vu, a renowned Sushi Chef, and his wife Ina Zhu,
Ichika Sushi House became a reality, serving inspired dishes to the Brisbane community.
I asked Irvin to speak about Brisbane and the naming of the restaurant. He replied, “Kai and I love Brisbane, the weather, the people and the views of San Bruno Mountain. This location is ideal with the ease of parking, close to the freeways and the people! When we saw this space, I knew it was perfect. Look around you and you will see a warm and inviting family atmosphere. We named the restaurant Ichika Sushi House: Ichika means best, good, beautiful in Japanese; Sushi, we specialize in Sushi and Japanese dishes; and House because this a home for all to enjoy.”
Continuing, we discussed the décor and menu, Irvin commented, “I took care and time deciding on the décor, tables, dishes and seats to provide a community home for people to sit down and enjoy good conversation. All our tables have not arrived yet but once they do, we will have a grand opening and red ribbon cutting. Right now, we are doing a soft opening to train our staff, set hours, and refine our menu. Guests are served complimentary edamame when seated. Today we have soft drinks, water and tea to offer our customers but hope to have our alcohol license soon and offer alcoholic beverages.”
Menu items include traditional Japanese dishes from sushi, tempura, soup, to noodles. Irvin said, “We want our customers to smile and enjoy the fresh tastes of Japan. Meals are prepared to the highest and freshest standards, which is why dishes are prepared when ordered. Sometimes it can take longer for certain dishes to arrive at the table as we don’t cut corners in our preparation.”
Aside from the usual Japanese dishes customary at other Japanese restaurants, Ichika features “omakase,” the chef’s choice of daily fresh ingredients that he crafts into with “Nigiri” (a slice of raw fish over pressed vinegar rice) and “Sashimi” (slices of fresh fish or meat served raw without rice). Irvin explained that omakase is growing in popularity in the Bay Area but finding the right restaurant to experience it can be a challenge as excellent omakase depends heavily on the quality of the ingredients. At Ichika, they pride themselves on offering some of the best omakase the Bay Area has to offer and at a reasonable price.
During their soft opening Ichika Sushi House is open 11:30 am – 2:30 pm and reopens from 5:00 pm – 9:30 pm. On Friday and Saturday nights, they are open until 10 pm. They are located in the Brisbane Village Shopping Center at 118 Old County Rd, Brisbane, CA 94005. Their phone number is (415) 825-5790. Stop by, say hi, and enjoy their outstanding food.