Amazon Opportunities For You

By: Alex Gorinsky, T.S.C. Sr. Engagement Coordinator| SFO West,

As a member of the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce, Amazon is proud to support the city of Brisbane in these trying times.
Our SFO Hiring team collaborates with the community to ensure we’re continuing to support the environments we find ourselves so fortunate to be a part of.
We work with organizations ranging from unemployment nonprofits to community centers, with whom we work to provide opportunities to those currently facing adversity.
Our building in Brisbane is an Amazon Fresh warehouse, meaning it is designed to house food and perishables. From this location, we fulfill grocery orders to local addresses, primarily homes.
Adjustments being made to the facility are streamlining and improving general function, with great respect to social distancing and safety precautions from local and federal municipalities, as well as our own organization.
This allows us to hire employees responsibly moving into the Fall and following Holiday Season. As such, we’re looking to begin hiring promptly! Both full time and part times will be available, and each will be paying a premium. The roles available are all entry level, and we accept candidates with any level of experience!
If you are interested in available roles at this location, please feel free to go to or attend our Virtual Job Fair coming up on September 8th. If you are interested, please RSVP at