A Word From Our New Electeds

This year, the Chamber asked newly elected officials Coleen Mackin, Karen Lentz, and Sharon Boggs to write a message to the community about what they are looking forward to as they embark on this new journey, below are their responses.

Coleen Mackin
By: Coleen Mackin, Councilmember, cmackin@brisbaneca.org, 415-529-8114
Starting 2021 as your newest councilmember, I’m thrilled and appreciative that you’ve given me the opportunity to represent you. Thank you!
I’m approaching the New Year with hope and gratitude.
I’m hopeful that each of us will continue to keep our friends, family and neighbors safe. The vaccines are close, but still, put on your mask! I want each of you to be able to tell your kids and grandkids how we pulled together to survive a pandemic.
I’m grateful that we’re a community that looks within to ensure that our less fortunate residents get thru this crisis with food and shelter. And I’m also grateful that we haven’t lost our spirit or sense of humor. Watching the cars in this year’s Festival of Lights Parade was such a morale booster! Thank you to everyone who decorated their vehicles.
I’m hopeful that we’ve learned a lot about our resilience, and capacity to endure all the unforeseen challenges of Covid. I’m also optimistic that positive changes will emerge from the months of hardship. Haven’t we learned a lot about different ways to work from home? How much nicer is it without gridlock on our roadways. These takeaways show that despite pre-Covid traffic and commute problems, we can do this better!
We’ve learned that sometimes the global economy doesn’t translate to having goods when you need them most, so expect to see more emphasis on domestic manufacturing. Think about the greater significance of Biotech. We have the new foundations of our own future biotech right at Sierra Point.
The shutdown has been like hitting a pause button, and sometimes it’s hard to recall where we were before Covid. I’m grateful we’ve had this opportunity to reset our approach to so many things. It’s time to reassess regional housing needs, public transportation, and traffic. So much has changed since the pandemic. And knowing that many will continue to work from home after the pandemic, what types of business, services, and housing do we want in Brisbane and where? I hope you’ll add your voices to this discussion.
What will the new normal look like? We’ll see. You can count on 2021 being a dynamic and interesting year!
– See you at a Council Meeting!

Karen Lentz
By: Karen Lentz, Brisbane School Board Trustee, 4-year term, klentz@brisbanesd.org
Brisbane School Board Trustee, Full Term I am looking forward to returning to the Brisbane Elementary School Board. A warm thank-you to those who supported me during the election. To all of our community: I pledge to work hard on your behalf.
During the campaign, I made the decision to knock on doors and talk to folks in Brisbane and Southern Hills. I took careful precautions, but still wasn’t certain how residents would respond to my visits.
I was surprised and encouraged to receive positive receptions. There were many substantive and enlightening conversations, both in person and by telephone. Voters in our District wanted to talk about home learning, the eventual return to school, what they loved about our schools, and what could be improved. I was impressed by parents’ appreciation for our teachers, and also by the ideas and resources suggested by the community.
Those who don’t have school-aged children at home were interested in talking about long-range planning, including parcel taxes and bonds. Some answers required research and further follow-up on my part. I am grateful that our community took the time to talk with me about education; not only did I learn about the needs and experiences of our families, but also was motivated to know more about current pandemic response strategies and the details of school funding.
Ready and energized to rejoin the Board, I’m looking forward to working with my fellow trustees to meet the current challenge of educating in a crisis. I’m also planning to create an idea forum for parents. Our schools, after all, are the heart of our community, and we need to keep striving for them to be the best they can be. Thank you all and stay safe.

Sharon L Boggs
By: Sharon L. Boggs, Brisbane School District, Trustee, 2-year term, slboggs@brisbanesd.org
Thank you to the citizens in the Brisbane School District for entrusting me to work with and help guide our school district as we work to provide our children with the finest, most equitable education possible.
I feel blessed and excited as I begin this journey with our community. My intention is to be involved at the schools and in the community to see and hear about what is working, what needs to be addressed and what the possibilities are. I look forward to collaborating with you through the schools, parents, and the community in general. I believe it is because of our community working together; businesses, children, adults & the City, we create a society that is joyful, full of opportunities for each person and respects the contributions of every member.
Living in Brisbane is one of my biggest blessings; I am grateful for the community that the people in Brisbane have created. You will see me around town, (or on zoom!) serving the community as a Lion or working with the City of Brisbane through the Park & Rec Commission. Please feel free to introduce yourself to me if we get to meet in person, and if you want to connect before that I am available at slboggs@brisbanesd.org. I look forward to learning and growing with all of you as we work to make the best experiences possible for ALL of our students.
With Love, Joy & Gratitude