Calling All Businesses: You May Be Required to Set up an Organics Recycling Program

With Chamber Member Teresa Montgomery, Sustainability Manager, South San Francisco Scavenger Company,

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2021, Assembly Bill 1826 requires that all businesses generating 2 cubic yards or more of waste (garbage + recycling) per week implement an Organics Recycling Program. If your business is not already separating food waste and food-soiled paper from your garbage, please contact SSF Scavenger today at (650) 589-4020 or email Teresa Montgomery at
Supporting Legislation
AB 341 – requiring all businesses and multi-family residential complexes with 5 of more living units to separate recyclable materials from garbage.
AB 1826 – requiring all businesses that generate 2 cubic yards or more of waste (garbage & recyclables combined) per week to implement an organics recycling program.
AB 827 – requiring the provision of “front of house” organic waste collection bins in all restaurants and cafeterias where patrons clear their own tables.
SB 1383 – becoming effective in 2022 and requiring all residents and businesses to have organics collection service.