Celebrating Pride Month

By: MADISON DAVIS, CEO/President, Brisbane Chamber of Commerce, madison@brisbanechamber.org, 415-467-7283

As we celebrate the LGBTQ community during Pride Month, the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce would like to highlight a few LGBTQ-owned businesses who are our members. Please take a moment to read about them and support their businesses!

Sharon Boggs, Sound Productions

Sound Productions is a full-service boutique audio and video company providing services for events, theatrical performances, and recording artists.  Sound Productions uses top of the line equipment such as Bose speakers, Shure Digital microphones, Countrymen elements, and Behringer digital mixers, so events will have the best sound quality available. While boutique in size, Sound Productions can handle all elements of lighting, sound, video, stage management, and production. They can provide wireless sound systems across multiple rooms for events of up to 1,000 attendees. Their video production can be tailored to meet each client’s needs and formatted for sharing or personal viewing.

Sound Productions got its start when Sharon took up DJ’ing in college. In 1983 a friend asked Sharon to DJ her wedding and Party Productions was born. Sharon’s DJ’ing business took off and for the next 15 years Sharon dominated the wedding circuit. However, after years of working non-stop, she decided to reevaluate her business. During her first weekend off, Sharon met a director and soon started to provide sound for local theater. She identified a huge need, many local theater productions have little to no sound forcing audiences to strain to hear and performers to strain to project. Party Productions evolved into Sound Productions, trailblazing sound design for community theaters in the Bay Area. Sharon’s company eventually began offering bi-coastal sound design and engineering services to sold out shows at New York City theaters. Chances are you may have seen Sharon in action at a Lions Club or City event, as she can often be found equipping Brisbane’s gatherings with the sound they need.

As Sound Productions grows, the company plans to focus more on production and post-production studio and video work. Sharon works directly with artists to help them accomplish their desired projects and just recently collaborated on a music video. She has worked closely with a variety of artists including Joan Baez, converting hours of her cassette tape recordings to digital sound.

Interested in connecting with Sharon Boggs from Sound Productions? Contact her at: SoundProductions.Biz@gmail.com and by phone at 650.280.8468.

Carmel Kabash, Carmel Kabash Coatings

Born and raised in Brisbane, Carmel Kabash gained experience in painting and construction at a young age. Her family hired not one but two contractors who took off with their money, leaving their home unfinished. Carmel’s father decided to complete the work himself with Carmel assisting along the way. Unfortunately, Carmel’s father suffered an injury and lost his hand so Carmel became his literal “right hand” woman and finished the project.

Carmel eventually became part of the carpenter’s union. Over the course of time she learned she loved finish work and started painting more often. At 28 she received her contractor’s license and now has almost 20 years worth of trade experience. Her company, Carmel Kabash Coatings, specializes in painting interiors and exteriors, waterproofing, power washing, water damage repair, dry rot repair, galvanized metal painting, epoxy coatings, urethane coatings and much much more. She has worked on many homes throughout Brisbane and has completed work for the City of Brisbane and businesses throughout town. Carmel also has experience painting famous Victorians in San Francisco such as the “Mrs. Doubtfire” home and “The Painted Ladies.”

Her work is known to last the test of time and she spares no effort in making sure each job is completed to the client’s specifications. Carmel Kabash Coatings prides itself on exceptional preparatory work to get the job done right the first time and restorative work for those clients who have had work fail that’s been performed by other painters/contractors. Carmel takes care to provide customized color consultations for clients who may not have something in mind already.

For more information about Carmel Kabash Coatings, look for her feature in the next issue of The Luminary. To contact Carmel, email: c_kabash@yahoo.com or give her a call for a free estimate at: 415-368-8963

Shane Maddox, Bamko

Shane Maddox works directly with businesses to offer the highest quality promotional products available through a strategic alliance with BAMKO, one of the largest promotional product companies in the world. Shane is also one of less than 1,500 LGBTBE certified businesses in the country. Shane enjoys building connections with new businesses and people, and as one of our board members, Shane is always brainstorming ways the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce can better serve our members.

Recently, Shane pivoted product offerings as the need for branded promo products plummeted due to COVID-19. He and BAMKO were able to tap into international resources to manufacture and produce much needed PPE for hospitals and government entities as the U.S. struggled to secure supplies. In addition, Shane has been able to offer critical supplies to businesses as they look to  reopen. BAMKO can provide everything from hand sanitizer to cloth masks customized with a business’ logo while helping businesses keep their workforce and customers safe. Shane is now positioned to provide not only PPE, but also all the promotional products a company is used to seeing, through a worldwide network.

Shane has worked with companies such as Salesforce, Oracle, Charter Communications, Survey Monkey and more. Interested in connecting with Shane about his offerings? Email him at: smaddox@bamko.net or give him a call: 415-425-1824

Sue Cochran, Sue Cochran Construction

Sue Cochran of Sue Cochran Construction has been licensed for 30 years. Sue specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodels and enjoys bringing her clients’ vision to life. She also provides suggestions for those who may not have an established vision already and lets clients know what they can accomplish with what they have. Sue enjoys the artistic and creative part of construction. As Sue gently retires she is only accepting projects from former clients. Smaller projects are ideal, no kitchens will be considered, and all work must be located in Brisbane.

As Sue moves into retirement, she spends her free time giving back to Brisbane. Inspired by downtown Saratoga’s hanging baskets and succulent gardens, Sue saw a need to enhance Visitacion Ave. She gathered a crew of like-minded visionaries and learned how Saratoga’s beautification committee was structured. Borrowing some inspiration from the Saratoga committee, G3 (the Guerrilla Garden Gangsters) was born, consisting of  a troupe of rogue beautification specialists. Sue and crew (Dan Carter, Danette Davis, Karen Cunningham & others) spend hours each week making our city look exceptional. From sweeping the streets to planting succulents to ripping out non-functioning phone booths, G3 is committed to making Brisbane an enjoyable place to live and work. The group hopes to add more seating along Visitacion and collaborate with Brisbane Hardware & Supply and The Brisbane Chamber on a holiday decorating competition among business owners.

In addition to her G3 work Sue also worked at Brisbane Elementary School as Substitute Teacher’s Aid prior to COVID-19, drawing on her years of experience as a camp counselor, volleyball coach, and her degree in Parks and Recreation.

As a 30 year resident, Sue is excited about enhancing Brisbane’s charm and helping the city progress and evolve. If you’re interested in donating to G3, find one of the volunteers in green G3 shirts working along Visitacion and they’ll provide you with information!