City of Brisbane moves to Third Party Payment System To Offer Vendors More Payment Options

By: Carolina Yuen, Financial Services Manager,, 415-508-2150

The City of Brisbane has ​partnered with Nvoicepay to expand its electronic payment program. This will allow the City to process vendor payments more efficiently and at a lower cost, and provide its vendors the opportunity to receive their payments more quickly and not worry about handling physical checks, especially helpful during this era of COVID-19. Vendors will be given the choice to receive payments as an e-check direct deposit, as a virtual credit card transaction, or in the form of a physical check.
Starting in October, vendors will be receiving a letter from the City including the Nvoicepay logo, letting them know about the partnership and inviting them to enroll in the program. Enrollment will be available online. Vendors can contact Lori Pierce, Stuart Schillinger, or Carolina Yuen in the City’s Finance department with any related questions or concerns at (415) 508-2150.