Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By: Terry O’Connell, City of Brisbane Mayor,

In an abundance of caution, Brisbane has instigated measures to help protect our community from the spread of COVID19, the novel Corona virus that has become a global pandemic.
The City has been in daily conferences with the health department of San Mateo County, and has instigated protective measures to safeguard our residents. Brisbane has closed our Senior Facility, stopped all Parks and Recreation and Library programs, and has limited our Council and subcommittee meetings in accordance with county recommendations.
All of our community must take the first safeguards to fight this virus by following the recommendations from the State of California and the San Mateo Health Department to:
HANDS Wash them often
ELBOW Cough into it
FACE Don’t touch it
FEET Stay more than 6ft apart
FEEL sick? Stay home
If you are sick, please self-quarantine and contact your health provider, who will give you further instructions on testing and care.
Brisbane has enacted measures to protect our citizens, by reducing group gatherings, limiting in-person contact for routine operations, and we will continue to monitor all recommendations by the state and county health departments.
As always, Brisbane’s community will pull together to aid in any way that we can. Our non-profit and community organizations, such as the Lions Club & Helping Hands and countless volunteers are at the ready to help anyone with special needs during this state of emergency. If you need information about COVOD19 please contact .
Services such as Police, Fire and Medical will continue uninterrupted, as will all essential city services, such as water and sewer service.
The City will continue to operate remotely to deliver all City Services as able, online. Please contact our website for more information.
Stay Safe
Stay Informed
Do Not Panic
As a community, we will get through this emergency situation.