Focus on Waste Reduction—Learn to precycle!

With Chamber Member Teresa Montgomery, Sustainability Manager, South San Francisco Scavenger Company,

The term “precycle” is defined by Wikipedia as “the practice of reducing waste by attempting to avoid bringing items which will generate waste into home or business.” People who successfully precycle do so by thinking before they buy. They are committed to the following:
Buying only what they need,
Purchasing durable, reusable and repairable items,
Avoiding items that are disposable, over-packaged, or packaged in materials that cannot be reused, recycled or composted.
If everyone learned to precycle and to sort waste and recyclables correctly, the demand for virgin materials as well as landfill space would decrease dramatically. Can you become a precycler? How about a super sorter? If you need help getting started, visit and follow @ssfscavenger on Facebook.