It’s Not Too Late! — Enter the Recycled Arts Contest

Brisbane Parks and Recreation Department and Brisbane Open Space and Ecology Committee

It’s not too late! The Brisbane Recycled Arts and Craft Contest deadline for submissions has been extended to October 31, 2020. Kids and adults alike are encouraged to let their imagination run wild and create an art object or a craft object from what would otherwise have been waste.
The rules are simple. The project should made from mostly from stuff that was destined for the landfill, recycling or compost. Yes, a minimal use of purchased materials will be accepted. It does not need to be something you made recently. You can submit some past project that you are proud of and want to share, too!
Because of Covid-19, this is a virtual contest. Take photos or make a video and email submissions to Please compress files over 1MB and send in separate emails. Submissions via links, Dropbox, Google Drive or similar are encouraged, especially for files over 10MB.
Do you love art, but are not feeling crafty? Judges are needed, too!
If you have questions or need more details, you can go or call the Brisbane Recreation Department at 415-508-2100 for more details.
Co-sponsored by Brisbane’s Open Space & Ecology Committee and Parks and Recreation Department, please give a very special thank you to South San Francisco Scavengers providing prizes for the contest!