New Library Coming Soon

By: Terry O’Connell, City of Brisbane Mayor,

With the dedication ceremony taking place on October 24th, 2020 a new chapter for our library in Brisbane will soon be written.
The new Brisbane Library will be a state of the art facility, with spaces for reading, learning, making and recreation. There will be meeting and small event space, and a History Room where can learn about Brisbane’s past.
Outer spaces inside and out, with a special Garden area that captures and reuses rainwater.
Although delayed in construction, we are expecting for the current Brisbane Library operations can be moved into the new space in early 2021. With finishing touches and interior shelving and fixtures yet to come, it will be a jewel in the San Mateo County Library System. I hope that the entire community will be dazzled by the art that has been commissioned for the main space.
Thanks are due to all the people who helped to make this happen, Brisbane City Council, City Staff, San Mateo County Library, Friends of The Brisbane Library, The Public Arts Committee, Mother’s of Brisbane, Library Stakeholders, Our Citizens and of course a big shoutout to our Donors. I’m am sure that many more worked on the project to make this new Library a reality. Thank You!