Stand Up and Be Counted Brisbane—It Makes A Difference For Everyone!

By: Terry O’Connell, City of Brisbane Mayor,

Each and every person is critical for many reasons for the 2020 Census.
All Californians matter in the upcoming census. The effects will be felt for decades if we are undercounted.
There is a lot at stake for San Mateo County and Brisbane residents in the upcoming census. If we don’t have an accurate count, we won’t have our representation in state and national government or get our fair share of funding for services that we rely on. It is estimated that the potential impact of an undercount is up to $1000 per person per year. This will affect critical community programs, like our public libraries, early childhood education, school lunch programs, health services, traffic and affordable housing. Planning for natural disasters and emergencies may miss their mark.
The Census is used to make important community decisions, like where to build homes, parks, schools, and roads and where to offer health, childcare, and transportation services. Businesses rely on census data to determine where to open facilities, what products to develop, and how to market their services.
That’s why it’s important that we all participate in Census 2020. Residents can complete the questionnaire online, on paper, or via phone starting in late March. There will also be support for those that need digital, language, or disability access. The information provided to the Census Bureau will be confidential (protected by law) and only reported out as statistics. No household or individual details can be shared for 72 years.
Participating in the census is one of the most powerful tools for civic engagement. It helps ensure that our diverse voices are heard, growing needs are met, and the right programs and services are provided. It is also legally required. If a household doesn’t fill out the census questionnaire, a Census Bureau representative may visit the residence to gather the required information.
To learn more about Census 2020 and how leaders across San Mateo County are working together to make sure that we are all counted, contact us at