The Baylands Development: Working Together to Best Serve Our Students Facilities

By: Ronan Collver, Superintendent, Brisbane School District,

By: Ronan Collver, Superintendent, Brisbane School District,
Jefferson Union High School, Bayshore Elementary School District and Brisbane School District came together to hold a community meeting on May 18, 2020 to open up a public discussion on the future development of the Baylands and to begin to outline how these three districts are working together to best serve the students in the area. The Superintendents were joined by two board members from each district to show their excitement in developing future programs together to provide the best educational experience for all students in the 3 communities.
The three superintendents gave a brief overview of their individual districts and identified the specific geographical location of the Baylands Development Project. Even though it will be years before residences are built on this land; now is the time to begin planning on what the educational community will look like. Elementary age students will be served by the Bayshore School District and high school age students will be served by the Jefferson Union High School District. The construction of a new high school on the Baylands is a top priority for all the local stakeholders. Brisbane School District is part of the discussion because BSD graduates will have the opportunity to attend a high school closer to home and so that the Bayshore School District and the Brisbane School District begin to work collaboratively to share programs.
It is very common for all school districts to monitor student enrollment in their community on a regular basis and monitoring any local development is a vital part of studying future enrollment. Once it is determined what kind of units and the quantity of units is decided; the school districts can conduct a demographic study to determine how the new development will impact each school district. Demographic studies will give the districts the ability to make evidence-based decisions about facilities and programming needs.
All three districts are excited about the possibilities that this new development will bring to this region. Building a new high school in the Baylands or possibly a shared 6-12 campus that could be open to students of all three districts was shared at the meeting with examples of how the districts can leverage resources to better serve all students. Staff with specific credentials and experience could be shared between the districts to create a unique educational experience. The districts were excited to be able to offer world languages to younger students. It is early in the planning stages, however, many high school options such as a STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) or VAPA(Visual and Performing Arts) programs were mentioned as potential directions that the new school could explore. Creating an Early or Middle college program for high school students is an option that would benefit many students on the east side of the Peninsula as well.
The three districts will continue to meet with the community to answer questions and gather input while moving forward in outlining what the educational landscape will look like in the Baylands in years to come.